Inspiring Story: Born without a Jaw & Unable to Speak, This Boy fulfilled his Dream to be a Rapper

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Inspiring Story: Born without a Jaw & Unable to Speak, This Boy fulfilled his Dream to be a Rapper

All of us dream but not all of us achieve it and when we don’t achieve our dream we sink into a quicksand that makes us disgusted at our own self and we beat ourselves over not accomplishing what we sought out to accomplish. Isaiah could have done the same as he had to not only ask more of his talent but over physical limitations in order to soar above like artists who have achieved their dreams. Isaiah Acosta is a teenager from Phoenix who was born without a jaw. Due to this he cannot taste the food and takes it with the help of food pipes that are attached to his body. He has a medicine patch on his throat which contains tube to supply him with oxygen as he was born without pathways for oxygen to enter his body.

Communicating with others has not been easy, and he faced a ton of abuse from a lot of people before he could surround himself with people who cared for him and saw him someone with talent instead of liability or a burden. He uses sign language and texting to communicate with others and share his ideas.

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A Phoenix rapper by the name trap house has helped Costa bring his song to the public by interpreting his lyrics and giving it voice. Trap House endeared himself to Isaiah as he also thought of people on the same lines that no matter how much negative opinion you get over what you do your positivity will pull through and you can do anything if you set your heart on doing it. The documentary video which out went viral immediately and garnered a lot of views as it moved people to see that this teenager who has to overcome so much is still enjoying life and happy about what he does. They also recorded a music video for his song and will be appearing at the South by Southwest Music Festival on March 11 with the video's director, Torben Bernhard. The post featuring the video was viewed more than nearly half a million times and liked more than 9,000 times in nine hours.

This post is not only limited to Facebook and Instagram feed as it connected to more causes than you may think. Isaiah’s song Oxygen to Fly is part of a special project from Children Miracle network’s hospital. You can even download the song at Spotify or In a warm outpouring overwhelmed by the response and upon realizing his dream of presenting his talent to the world Isaiah expressed that ‘The song is helping thousands and thousands of kids and teens around the world, and he wants the people who have been trampled upon by others to feel that they are not alone and there are people who are sympathetic of it and will help them overcome the fear that spreads terror of being subjected to further suffering.

Last August, Acosta was named Children Miracle Network’s hospital Arizona champion which means he's serving as an ambassador for children treated by the network's hospitals. In Phoenix, donations to CMN Hospitals go to the Phoenix Children's Hospital and the Hope Fund. With his rapping, he hopes to represent the spirit that no one should give up no matter what the situation and should strive in the direction of self-empowerment.

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