Inspiring Story: Read how these Motorcyclists saved 10 from 8-car pile-up as Fire Engulf Highway

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Inspiring Story: Read how these Motorcyclists saved 10 from 8-car pile-up as Fire Engulf Highway

It was a regular Illinois day in early August, the sky was blue, and the sun was shining. No one had expected things to take a ghastly turn and that too so suddenly but that was what the fate had in mind.

As a 10-person bike crew was riding its way to South Dakota, they saw a semi-truck crash into another car. The second car was stopped for construction vehicles on I-24 and the semi-truck, which was being driven at the full speed, drove right into it.

However, the collisions did not end there as the two-car crash instantly turned into an 8-car pileup as automobiles kept on driving into each other one after the other. This led to several gasoline leaks right on the highway.

Things could have become worse but the two bikers from the crew of 10, who had previously worked as paramedics, jumped into action seeing the sea of gasoline on the pavement. They did not only call the 911 to ask for help, but they also assembled onlookers and dove head first into the chaos.

They started pulling people out of their car as the gasoline sprawling on the floor could have caught fire and resulted in an explosion at any point of time. They started with rescuing a family of six from a wrecked SUV, and an injured driver and his friends from a truck, and then moved on to a woman who was caught up in her crumpled car.

The bikers who were risking their lives had a difficult time here as first, they were not even able to pull the woman out of the car. But then they began to drag heaps of metal away from the wreck with their bare hands. After they pulled the entire car away from the mess, an explosion occurred. Luckily, it did not do as much damage as it could have otherwise done.

The emergency vehicles arrived about 10 minutes after the collision to treat the injured and take out the blaze from the explosion.

Marc Oswald, who is a Co-founder of the Oswald Entertainment Group told the reporter of The Tennessean, “I knew it was going to blow up. That’s 100 percent. It just hadn’t blown up yet. It smelled like acid and black smoke”. Adding to his statement he said that it was nothing short of a miracle that nobody lost their life in this disastrous road accident.

The ten music executives did not think they would turn into local heroes when they left for South Dakota, but their bravery and the courage they showed by helping others in need without giving a single thought to their own life is worth an acknowledgment. We should salute the valor that these ten people showed. They proved that every life is precious and we should never back away because of fear whenever we get the chance to help others.

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