Inspiring Story: Meet the Kind Plumber who is giving Scholarship to Kids with Incarcerated Parents

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Inspiring Story: Meet the Kind Plumber who is giving Scholarship to Kids with Incarcerated Parents

How would life be for children who don’t have parents, especially those whose parents are in jail? How would they earn their living, let alone financing their basic education? Disturbed by the plight of such children, Karl Winsness, a plumber by profession, took it upon himself to help those in need by giving a scholarship to children whose parents are incarcerated.

The humble man, whose income is not as much as the richest of the rich people in the country, took the responsibility of acting as the guardian for the children who incline education but cannot pursue it for their parents are imprisoned for a misdeed.

Reaching out to such people, Winsness decided to spare a certain amount from the money he earns and provide a scholarship to the children with such unfortunate fate. Earning a meager amount of $30,000 as a plumber, life is not easy for the hardworking man. Yet, by maintaining a modest lifestyle, the plumber has managed to provide his educational gift the ‘Willy the Plumber Scholarship’ to the children who wish to read and write.

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It was not easy for the man to take out that amount of money from the account. But the kind-hearted soul did the most he could to ensure education is delivered to every child who wishes to study and no child should be ignored with this educational gift, just because their parents are serving a term for committing something that is against the law.

His noble act of charity has already benefitted 17 students, who thanked the man for lending a hand of help with finances and boosting the confidence of the children in terms of monetary independence. Although the amount of scholarship is not much, it amounts to $1000 per student, but the fact that financial help is extended to these children is enough to motivate them and encourage them to get educated and achieve their dreams.

What is difficult in such cases is the manner in which you promote your initiation and generate awareness about the noble cause. For the same, the father of two actually crafted hand-made fliers and distributed the same around Salem, Utah to get his initiation under the notice and encourage people to come and participate in his charity act and help the children.

His kind act is a classic example of the prevalence of goodness in people, even in today’s age and can be inspiring for those who wish to make some difference in the society by engaging in an act that may benefit the other children. His story is a reaffirmation of the fact that right people do exist and noble acts are the kindest ways to help a person.

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