Inspiring Story: Once a Drug Dealer & Absentee Father, this man Teaches others to be a Good Father

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Inspiring Story: Once a Drug Dealer & Absentee Father, this man Teaches others to be a Good Father

Inspiration and hope is something that everyone lives their life on. People who go to the wrong path, it is so difficult for them to come back to the normal life. We being the normal human beings and leading a normal life can never imagine how people transform so much just for the sake of family or a loved one. Just as Marcus Dixon did for his kid.

Life gave Marcus another chance to become a good dad and do something great for his family. He was a drug addict, and he transformed his life and took a new and fresh start as a father.

Marcus Dixon is known for his tattoos which says “art of war” that is marked on his face, five starts are marked on the left side of his face and “don’t cry” is written on his eyelids. Also, an eye etched is made on his forehead. These tattoos remind him of his previous life which was a drug dealer. He got these tattoos inked on his face previously to give police and his enemies a message about his life. “I had to create a character that no one would dare challenge,” he said about his life and tattoos.

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However, after getting inspired by his mother and best friend who were always afraid of his safety, he changed his life altogether to become a better person and above all a better father. Dixon’s mother and best friends made all efforts and created a better person out of him. They convinced him to start a new and fresh life which is away from drugs and smuggling.

Marcus then abandoned selling drugs and decided to move to Atlanta. He, of course, had a very tough time to get back to normal life as he had no connections in Atlanta. Also, he was filled with various criminal records. Therefore, it took a lot of time for him to get a job but it was unsuccessful. Dejected and disturbed he moved back to his previous place, Baltimore.

That was the time when he actually gave up hope and was at his lowest. He had two sons, and they were not in contact with him at all. They were troubled as their own father did not bother about their life when he was a drug dealer. Marcus had no idea that how he can become a good father to his sons. He said that he had no examples to guide him as well. He was lost and heartbroken.

However, then he followed his mother’s pieces of advice and began to change his outlook towards life. He then joined Centre for Urban Families and took a job training there in Baltimore. Dixon became more optimistic and focused on his life once he invested his time into training and learning life skills and support.

His life was completely changed when he walked out of the center. More importantly, it was his inspiration become a better father that actually transformed his life in miracles. He then was able to get a job in a warehouse as a helper to load trucks overnight. He is now embracing his role as a dad. He is taking care of both of his sons and trying to become a better and responsible father.

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