What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done?

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What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done?

Honestly want some interesting answers about your personal experiences that you have done or faced once in your entire life. 

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I must probably be 12 or 13.

we boys used to have this  “Restroom Mania” (similar to Wrestle Mania). because it happens at the restroom. 

In break time, boys of my class keep the other kids in the floor entertained with their/our wrestling skills. 

We've got a lot of rules like, no pushing down to the floor, no punching on the face, no hard banging anywhere, and most importantly, no Nut Shot. 

one breaks this rule, the other kids have to bathe him untill he is fully wet. 

Doesn't that sound like fun!? 

Yes, it does. So, when it was my day/turn to play, I purposely pulled in a hard blow onto my opponent’s groin. 


Poor kid tried so hard not to cry in front of other kids. He then came back to do his share to me. 

He splashed water on me, I reciprocated, all got wet, we entered out class, girls gave a ‘awk, dirty boys’ stare, teacher scolded, got her punishment - “Go, stand at the back, all of you!”, And then we marched to stand under the fan and wind ourselves dry.

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