3 Best protein powder for kids

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3 Best protein powder for kids

Kids need to drink best quality protein powder as it triggers their growth rate. As the market is flooded with hundreds of brands, it becomes daunting for the parents to choose the best protein powder for their little one. Even doctors recommend regular intake of these water-soluble milk protein for kids.

Here are some of the popular variations of protein powder that are suitable for kids -

•    100% Whey Gold Standard (Optimum Nutrition)- The whey protein powder comes from cow’s milk and is suitable for infants. The whey protein is often termed as 'complete protein’, as it supplies all nine essential amino acids to your kid’s body. The whey protein enhances the production of the amino acid leucine, which helps in muscle building.
•    Soy protein- The protein powder comes from ground soybeans contains a higher percentage of the amino acids arginine and glutamine. It boosts kid’s immune function, brain function, and digestive health.
•    100% Casein Protein Powder (Optimum Nutrition)- The protein powder comes from milk and helps in efficient muscle building. However, if your kid suffers from lactose intolerance, consider the other two options available in the market.

Before buying branded protein powder for your kid make sure to go through the product label thoroughly and check  the percentage of artificial sweeteners also. 

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It shoul be an appropriate amount then it can be safe for kids...

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