Chicken as a source of protein

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Chicken as a source of protein

Protein plays an important role in combating expanding the obesity epidemic. It is essential for the human diet, as the body utilizes protein to create new cells and wear and tear of the existing cells.

The other functions of the protein are to produce enzymes, helps in catalyzing processes such as digestive system, metabolism, and fat storage. We require the right amount of high – quality protein and chicken is one of the important sources of protein.

Chicken is said to have high – quality protein, that is consisting of eight essential amino acids and low amount of unsaturated fat, which is needed for protecting against the heart disease. Chicken is considered as a better alternative to red meat, which has more fat and saturated fat.

The Dietary guidelines recommending people to consume chicken as a source of protein are due to following facts

• 100 grams of cooked skinless and boneless breasts has one gram of saturated fat and about four grams of total fat.

• 100 grams of skinless and boneless breasts has in all 31 grams of protein.

• Chicken is low in sodium. The skinless and boneless chicken has only 74 mg of sodium in 100 gm portion.

• Chicken is considered as a common ingredient used in international cuisines.

• Chicken is also a good source of vitamin B3, B6, biotin, B12, iron, and zinc.

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