How about chicken flavoured candles?

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In the contemporary world, crazy has become quite common and flavor of food in the candles we light is definitely one of them. Yes, food flavored candles and that too flavored with chicken, surely, is out of the box.

If you cannot get over the delicious flavor of fried chicken, then you ought to try the latest fried chicken attraction. It is a chicken flavoured candle and yes, you read it right, the aroma of chicken right from the kitchen to your candle. These are indeed a tempting buy, which not only tempts you to buy a crazy different candle, but also instigate a craving for fried chicken from within whenever you light up your surroundings. The cravings shall not just confine to you, but to all who can smell this delicious aroma. It is indeed an amazing idea to light up the night with the favourite food that you can imagine.

Are you still wondering how is it possible to flavour a candle with the chicken, then we have the answer for you, and it is for sure an astonishing process. The chicken flavored candles are soy wax based candles that incorporate the real extracts of fried chicken by frying the chicken in the all-natural soy wax. Furthermore, during frying several other herbs are added to infuse a delicate aroma of fried chicken. Surprising, isn’t it.

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Food tastes better on the table

Imagining chicken in the candles is quite freaky.

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