Palm reading: Science or hoax?

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Palm reading: Science or hoax?

Palmistry is considered to be the oldest of studies done in the world. It is thought that Palmistry originated in India and made its way to China, Greece and finally Europe. It is difficult to prove though if Palmistry or the science of determining a person’s future from lines of hand is true or not.

A human hand has different lines namely life line, head line, heart, and fate line. Though for a common man it is difficult to believe that their fate can be determined by few lines of their hand but those who believe in palmistry not only agree to this fact but believe in it with full conviction.

Though palmists over the years have tried to prove their point but science does not have a tangible evidence to confirm the fact that palmistry is real science. However, an interesting assumption that goes in favor of Palmistry as a science is the fact that hands can help gauge different aspects of a person’s life. Hands can help you determine personality traits and health-related conditions.

Science however still does not recognize palmistry as tangible evidence and a lot still needs to be done and discovered in this aspect. Palmistry is concerned with faith and increasing number of people believe in it as a spiritual practice rather than looking at it from a scientific aspect.

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