Carpentry for pleasure

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Carpentry for pleasure

Carpentry is perhaps one of the oldest craft and trade in the world. During the stone age, stone implements were used to chop trees as wood was needed to cook food in burning fires to make the meat and fruits more palatable. Later the wood was also used to build houses and boats as man became more civilized. Later, a man started using wooden tools and implements with the discovery of copper and iron and these were used to carve out boxes, chairs, baskets, stools and other household goods. Beautiful ornaments, jewellery and other antiques were also made using wooden tools.

Today carpentry has evolved as a major occupation in the world. It is easy and is also helped by good returns. In all over the world carpenters are needed for building houses, dams, scientific plants, buildings, furniture and many household goods. There are beautiful, decorated stools, boxes, chairs, beds, tapestries, stairs, tables, and other furniture seen in most of the houses. This furniture , with the aid of paints are also seen with beautiful drawings and paintings carved out upon them. In games also, beautiful playing cards, indoor games, balls, children toys, have proved that in most of the arts of commercial refining, carpenters are needed.

Carpenters are even used in making arms and ammunition like rifles, daggers, swords, bombs for military purposes. In navy, carpenters are used for making ships, boats and rafts.

The main tools and equipment used for carpentry are saws, jacksaws, planes, hammers, mallets, nails, axes ( for chopping wood), wooden tables, etc.

After procuring raw wood, it is cut to give plain surfaces with the smoothing processes; then it is also polished to standard colors, then it is cut using saws and then used for making furniture and other wooden objects. It is a modest profession and a good money- giver as well. When the wooden objects are polished, painted, furnished and decorated, one can only admire their beauty and the skill of the carpenters who have carved them.

There are many good examples of excellent carpentry in the world. In the ancient churches of Greece, Rome and Egypt, there has been proficient woodwork that can be seen in the objects in the altar, cemetery, sermons’ hall, architecture and general carvings. There is the excellent decoration in doors, windows, tapestries and the building of churches. In the ancient Mohenjodaro civilization, idols, statues, ornaments, jewelry, utensils, charts have been found wholly carved in wood with engravings of scriptures over them. There have been found good examples from the dark ages of Africa about gold and silver decorated weapons, pots, utensils and tools wholly carved in wood. In ancient Africa, there have been found old statues of wood whom the tribals used to worship. Even in India, old decorated statues of wood have been found in Elephanta caves, Ajanta and Ellora with both stone and wood carvings and engravings. There have been proofs of ancient trapezes ( a form of houses) in Africa and South America entirely made of wood.

Carpentry may not be so easy for a beginner. First, the need is to take measurements in inches and meters. After that wood has to be smoothened on a plane and cuttings have to be done using a saw. Different pieces of wood need to be cut according to shapes and sizes. Then they have to be joined using the hammer, nails and glue. The joints which involve revolving joints, inclined, vertical, horizontal, sliding need to be carved. After that various panels need to be adjusted and attached and polished. Then they may be painted using turpentine and oil paints. After that the object is kept in the sunshine to dry and then it is ready.

I, myself, have taken a keen interest in carpentry right since my childhood. My family had a vast courtyard where stacks of wood were piled up. I used to spend long hours cutting wood and attaching them to each other using hammer, nails and favicon. I even made stools and chukars ( sitting plates) for which my parents are still proud of.

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