How different are artists from the usual crowd?

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How different  are artists from the usual crowd?

“All forms of madness, bizarre habits, awkwardness in society, general clumsiness, are justified in the person who creates good art.” ― Roman Payne

 Physically there exists no difference between a layman and an artist. But mentally and intellectually they both are in entirely different worlds. What makes the artists different from the usual crowd lies in how they perceive and envision their surroundings. To an ordinary layman, sun rise or sunset; dew drops or rain drops; birth and death are all part and parcel in their day-to-day activities that they often forget to admire the beauty and feel the pain of such incidents. 

But for artists, the scenario is quite different. They not only admire the beauty or feel the pain, but also they might produce an original work from such small thoughts or incidents in the form of a story, poem or drawing or any original artistic creation. 

The majority of works will be mere figments of imagination, while individual works being triggered based on particular incidents that might have happened in their life or some political or social incidents that happened around them. 

The majority of artists being introvert, they love to live in their imaginary world, where they could envisage brilliant intellectual thoughts. The way of thinking being different from others, sometimes, it becomes difficult to fathom the thoughts or the meaning of their statements for a commoner.

Demolition of  Babri Masjid in India led to widespread communal violence in Bangladesh. This incident led to the creation of the controversial work “Lajja” by Taslima Nasrin. James Cameron's immense love for shipwrecks intermingled with an imagined love story resulted in the creation of the beautiful movie “Titanic.” 

Meanwhile, new India, Mahatma Gandhi, and Mother Teresa were the inspiration for many of M.F. Hussain’s classic drawings. Nature was the inspiration for many of William Wordsworth’s poems, while Shakespeare portrayed the various human emotions throughout his works.

Although an artist looks like a sane person, he is entirely different from inside. As the saying goes--‘There is madness in his method; or a method in his madness!’as all artists are akin to controversies or experts in creating controversies.

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Artists, as the name suggest, are one of the most creative people who help to make difference in the different activities of life and show us a different and a creative way to express every action which happens in our day's schedule. There are many people who admire the sunset and many don't even care to see if the sun has set or not. After this, we have the second category where comes the artists who make the sunset looks like the beautiful day has just begun with the family time. It's the way one can see life and feel it. I love to see the rain drops fallings off the leaves and draw the same on my canvas. It helps me feel the serene beauty of the collision of water and plants.

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