Theatre Classes

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Theatre Classes

Theatre, as the name suggests, is nothing but simply the art of enacting a peculiar story done by a set of individuals known as the characters or actors i.e. the male individuals and actresses i.e. the female individuals. Theatre ranges back to about 335 BCE. It was born during the Greek times, through the first ancient Greek actor named Thespis of Icaria. Theatre has its sub-branches divided in professional theater work and amateur theater work. Professional theater work consists of artists that get paid for performing the art, whereas amateur theater work consists of amateur artists who are usually beginners and do not get paid for it.

Drama schools positioned all around the globe offer courses in theater work to individuals that aspire to be theater artists in the future. These courses usually last for about three to four years of training extending all aspects of training to the aspirants who later tend to rule the so-called Hollywood and other film industries like Indian Bollywood etc. It deals with extensive usage of expressions, movements, and dialogues. A good actor is defined as an individual who has attained the balanced mix of expressions, movements, and dialogues. Well, it is one of the most preferred career options by the present day youth. 

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