Why did Labor Day fall into a big Crash in the Box Office?

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Why did Labor Day fall into a big Crash in the Box Office?

Starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin among other stars, the movie 'Labor Day' was supposed to be a success according to pre-release reviews. But, not many good reviews are surfacing about the movie. I watched this movie. I think it has a good storyline and it should have been a rocking movie. I do not know why this was a big crash on the Box Office. 

Have you watched the same movie? What did you think of the film? Share your views and opinions with us by commenting in the box below.

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The growing number of entertainment options like Netflix and premium TV competing for audience’s attention, it takes something especially enticing to draw people to the multiplex.

The movie surely explores different aspects. As a filmmaker as well, Jason Reitman also showed something he was not familiar with. It is a tender and warm family drama with a sensitive topic. It surely had the spark to break the records as the cast articulated the roles so beautifully. 

The movie was amazing. Its failure at the box office is a shock.

Perhaps the plot line was too weak. I doubt the acting wouldn't have been great considering the fact that the movie full of great actors. But this has to be on of the most shocking flops of a movie that promised a lot of things.

I haven't seen the movie nor the trailer. So I don't really know why the movie crashed at the box office. Maybe the story wasn't appealing to the audience and couldn't create the buzz that it had anticipated. 

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