Who is Participating in Celebrity Big Brother 2018?

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Who is Participating in Celebrity Big Brother 2018?

Are you a big follower of Big Brother? If yes, then you may fall in the same group as I do as! With the news regarding the commencement of the new show, I am actually curious to know the names of the participants of the Reality show!

Do you know who could be the contender in this season? Are you going to watch it?

Please share your views in the comment section below.

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There are many websites which have revealed that these are some of the contestants who had been finalized as the potential contenders of Big Brother:- Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, James Jordan, Jasmine Waltz, Ray J, Bianca Gascoigne, Austin Armacost, Coleen Nolan, James Cosmos, Stacy Francis, Brandon Block, Nicola McLean and more. These are some of the contenders who are probable participants of the Big Brother as reported by Mirror.co.uk.

I won't unveil the curtain even if I knew. Surprises are better as surprises. 

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