How do Chicken get Pregnant?

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How do Chicken get Pregnant?

Have you ever thought about the process of how do chickens get pregnant? Are there any distinctive means for them to do so? Is it necessary for them to mate to lay eggs?

And first of all, can chickens get pregnant? Do you know the answers? If not, then let's find it out.

Can Chickens Get Pregnant?

Chickens fertilize their eggs with the means of sexual reproduction. However, they start laying eggs from the age of about three months and keep laying every alternate day. But the chicks would be yielded only upon mating. Hens get pregnant in the real sense when she mates with a rooster. They don't really need to get pregnant for laying eggs. But if the hen mates, the egg laid would hatch into a baby chick.

How Do Chickens Get Pregnant?

Chicken or a hen to be precise can essentially lay eggs without even mating with the rooster. However, to develop those eggs into chicks, a hen needs to mate with the rooster which is actually quite a simple process. Both the birds just need to press against each other their cloacas, and that's when the rooster transfers the sperms for genuine fertilization.

Chickens basically lay eggs in every 25 hours. If the eggs aren't getting collected, the hen get interested in raising those eggs until maturity and stops laying more. The hen gets more keen about keeping the eggs at a constant temperature by sitting on them and flipping them throughout the day. That's the psychology behind the entire process - if the eggs aren't collected for artificial incubation or are misplaced, the hen attempts to brood the unfertilized batch.

How Do Chickens Reproduce? 

Simple, upon mating with the rooster, hens tend to lay more eggs as the rooster's sperm increases the egg production.

How do chickens get pregnant?

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Chickens don't get pregnant. A hen will produce eggs, even without mating with a rooster. But the egg that is laid after the hen mates with a rooster bears a baby chicken inside.The number of eggs that a hen produces depends on things like breed, light, temperature and nutrition. If the hen mated with a rooster, the eggs will hatch after 21 days of incubation.

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