Can Pregnant Women eat Hot Dogs?

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Can Pregnant Women eat Hot Dogs?

‘Can pregnant women eat hot dogs?’ is a question which has been a troubling humungous amount of women around the globe. If you are a woman and crave for hot dogs then you must have come across the warnings it gets with itself. You might not find tasty hot dogs in your country, but you will get immense views of it everywhere in the United States (US) on your visit! So, have you planned your trip to the United States yet? They are among the favorite foods of America and are also known as ‘frankfurters or wieners’. But with very careful preparation, women might try one to satiate their taste buds.

By chance, you get high-level cravings for hot dogs during your pregnancy period, its best to avoid them. They are not heated above 160 degrees Fahrenheit and hence may not be suitable for most ladies who are expecting. It is rather said that ‘mothers to be,' who wish to binge on hot dogs, can do so if it is well heated at 160-170  degree Fahrenheit for at least two minutes.

But, you should avoid this food due to the presence of Listeria bacteria in it. This bacteria leads to the disease called ‘Listeriosis’ which can result in negative effects on the baby's body. This could lead to miscarriage or still birth. Thankfully Listeria infections are a rarity and occur in only three people per million in the United States each year.

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You must remember that the purchased hot dogs from a street seller can be very dangerous and be full of germs because they heat water below 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the cheese they use in the hot dogs can harm the mother and the child if it is not pasteurized. Bleu cheese, Brie, Camembert, Roquefort, Feta, Gorgonzola and Mexican style cheese that include queso blanco and queso fresco are often not pasteurized and thus are unsafe for pregnant mothers.

Also, they may not be the best choice of nutritional food if consumed on a regular basis. Did you know one beef hot dog consists around two hundred calories and seven grams of protein? However, it also contains twelve grams of fat and 500mg of sodium.

Not just that packaged hot dogs are generally rich in preservatives such as nitrates, and that could harm the baby and mother both. They might be safe, but we cannot overlook contamination. Also, they are very high in fat and salt which is not for the bodies of expectant mothers and their babies.

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Hot dogs are safe to eat during pregnancy if they are cooked over 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Any kind of processed meat, such as hot dogs, salami, or cold cuts, can potentially be contaminated with bacteria during the packaging stage.

You must not forget that you should very much avoid hot dogs during your pregnancy period especially when your immune system is too weak which can, in turn, make you and your baby more susceptible to food borne diseases.

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