Why are men so obsessed with women bodies?

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Generally speaking, it’s human nature, humans here mean men, all men in this world drool over a woman’s hot body. They are instantly attracted to a woman who is well shaped and has sharp features. More than the face, a man is interested in noticing the woman’s ass and her boobs. They are least interested in knowing about the women until she is hot. Just like women are naturally emotional, men are more physical when it comes to attraction.
This was in general terms. Now, if we consider the Darwin’s theory of evolution, we humans have evolved through centuries to finally become the best versions of what we are today. Earlier when we used to walk on four legs, a female’s back was the most attractive part of her body, and then evolution transformed it. Now we walk on two legs which make it even sexier. The bodies are much more defined now, and it is made more physically more attractive for men to look at. Another evolutionary change is the hidden ovulation patterns. It makes the man much more protective and careful about their woman’s body.
The most attractive parts of a woman’s body is said to be her breast and her butt. It is after puberty that her body starts taking a proper shape, with both the breasts and hips turning into perfect rounds.
A man is naturally found to be attracted to both of them because first, he doesn’t’ have it and second because he wants it.

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