Forget 'Sexy', 11 Words That Can Be Used To Compliment A Woman

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Forget 'Sexy', 11 Words That Can Be Used To Compliment A Woman

The last time you complimented a woman; did you call her ‘sexy’? What was her reaction to your words of appreciation? Did she respond to the compliment with positive expressions or just ignored what you said?

A compliment is something that every woman desires and appreciates. However, the word used to compliment her makes a vast difference in the manner in which she acknowledges your words of appreciation. A lot of women are tired of being called ‘ sexy’ and look for people who know how to compliment them beyond the usual. Other’s find the word quite demeaning and do not take it as a compliment.

So, what should you do in such circumstances? Here are some kind compliments that one can use to make their women feel special and boost her confidence. Check them out!

#1. Gorgeous

A woman would love to hear words like ‘gorgeous,' ‘beautiful’ and ‘spectacular’ that being called ‘sexy.' It just makes them feel more feminine and confident, adding a jewel to their poise.

#2. Sensuous

Obviously when you are involved in a healthy session of flirting, words like ‘beautiful’ sound too bland. Hence, switch to adjectives like 'sensuous' and 'alluring' to tell her that her gorgeous appearance is sweeping your feet off the ground and luring you towards her.

#3. Ravishing

When things get a little steamy around you, try throwing words like ‘ravishing’ and ‘sultry’ to raise the temperature between the two of you and ignite the spark of chemistry. 'Sexy' sounds too mundane in such circumstances as if there is nothing special at the moment!

#4. Scintillating

If you want to compliment the woman for her wit or her appearance, expand your vocabulary with words like 'scintillating' and 'fascinating'! It will draw her attention to the fact that you know how to praise an alluring woman.

#5. Charming

If the lady has caught your fancy by her electrifying smile or her witty humor, tell her that she is ‘charming’ or ‘enchanting’ than using the word ‘sexy.' It adds a royal touch to the game of flirting and creates a good impression in the mind of the listener.

#6. Irresistible

If the lady’s charm and sensuality make you experience a hormonal rush in your body, then choose the right words to make it sound sexy. Something like 'irresistible' could be a perfect replacement for the word ‘sexy’ and yet sound extremely passionate.

#7. Desirable

If you wish to make a woman a part of your life and inform her about the same, compliment her with the word ‘desirable.' The term itself reflects your interest in the lady. You needn’t say anything more!

#8. Bewitching

What’s a better way to compliment the lady that saying ‘ your alluring beauty bewitched me.' It states that you skipped a beat when you first looked at her. This would make the woman feel loved and beautiful.

#9. Elegant

‘Sexy’ is not what you call a woman during official or formal meetings. Thus, switch to words like ‘classy’ or ‘elegant’ to tell the lady that you are familiar with different ways to compliment a woman, and your compliment is always according to the environment in which the two of you are meeting.

#10. Divine

Compliment her beauty by referring to it as a ‘divine’ bliss. It sounds a little different from the usual and will leave an impact on the person it is directed to.

#11. Foxy

Don’t want to use the word ‘sexy’ to compliment this lady who looks stunning? Try adding the word ‘Foxy’ to your vocabulary. It will throw a good light on your education and personality.

If you are aware of more words that can be used to compliment a woman other than the word ‘sexy,' tell us about it. Comment on the box below to share your opinions and views!

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