Intelligence Vs Physique: What Attracts Women to Men?

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Intelligence Vs Physique: What Attracts Women to Men?

What do girls want? This has been the biggest question of the universe, and nobody has ever been able to answer it. With all the speculations and probabilities the competition lies between good looks and intelligence. But can there be a definite answer to even this one? We are trying to find it out too.

Attractiveness and intelligence both are subjective. One cannot give them fixed definitions. Answering this question is as tough as explaining who came first; chicken or hen.

Well, every individual has a different perspective on what they like or dislike. No two people have similar thoughts on how they like their men. Both intelligence and attractiveness are panoramas, having multiple layers. One cannot be labeled as dumb or intelligent by everyone alike. You may be dumb to one but smart for another. Not all smart people are all-rounders. They might be well read but lack common sense, and some may not have scored well theoretically but are well versed in general knowledge and politics. Neither of them can be classified as smart or dumb.

Some girls like belletristic knowledge, with whom they can have intellectual conversations about philosophy, mythology, mechanics, morality or even poetry. While others prefer guys, who are practical and full of common sense. They don’t mind the guy having a low IQ if he knows how to fix a fused bulb.

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As far as attractiveness is concerned, it is equally debatable to intelligence. For some girls who spend a considerable time on looking after their body, their clothes and all material things expect their guy to be similar to her. They look for handsome hunks, with great bodies and fancy clothing. They like their man to be well-groomed and up-to-date as per the societal norms. While on the other hand, some girls find tall guys attractive, some find short guys cute. While some like nerdy, book-worm and others prefer the cool hip-hops. Some might prefer the macho, bearded guy while other prefer the clean shaven look.

Attraction is solely based on physical appearance that can too vary from woman to woman. A guy who might be handsome to some may be ignorant worthy for others. Therefore, attractiveness is entirely subjective. It is no less than a spectrum consisting of all the aspects together.

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Giving utmost importance to looks is not the right way to choose your man. Looks fade away with time, while qualities like compassion, sympathy, generosity, humbleness or even humor last a life time. A lot of women do consider other qualities apart from intelligence and looks. Few of these are compatibility, honesty, kindness, good communication, understanding and patience.

Some people also suggest that this choice between attractiveness and intelligence also depends on the age of the woman making her decision. A young, pretty and carefree girl would want to be with a good looking guy whereas a mature woman who understands the practicality of life would pick a smart and sensible man. 

On an average, we would say that a woman focuses on the overall personality of the guy instead of just one or two characters. Their perfect guy has to be a combination of all or at least some of the mandatory qualities mentioned previously.

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What’s your say on it? Leave us your views in the comment section below!

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