Things that a pregnant mother should remember

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Things that a pregnant mother should remember

Pregnancy is a very delicate phase of woman’s life, and she needs to celebrate the special moment with lots of care and happiness.

Not only does she need to eat healthy foods, and take adequate rest, there are plenty of other things that the pregnant mother should be aware of

•    During the early phase of pregnancy, regular exercises can help to keep a check on your weight, but one should avoid rigorous workouts. Stress and heavy work can cause miscarriage during the last trimester of pregnancy and lead to result in vaginal bleeding and uterine contractions.

•    A pregnant woman should never forget to intake proper dosage of prenatal vitamins during the pregnancy phase. Calcium is another important mineral that is to be consumed during the pregnancy days.

•    Clothes with proper fittings must be worn during your pregnancy and instead of wearing the regular apparel; she can opt to wear the maternity clothes.

•    Some of the pregnant women also suffer from insufficient sleep and to get a proper sleep; she needs to stick to a healthy diet plan and medications.

•    Smoking and drinking are completely forbidden during pregnancy periods. Smoking can often cause severe damage such as sudden miscarriage, premature birth and also the death of the infant.

•    During the last trimester, a woman should have a positive mind with good and positive thoughts.

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