Can Okra help you control Diabetes?

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Can Okra help you control Diabetes?

I have been suffering from diabetes for a long time now. I have tried a wide variety of home remedies but nothing seems to keep my sugar level in control for too long. A friend who was going through the same situation once recently told me how okra did wonders in pulling his sugar level back to normal. He suggested me to put some fresh cut okra is water and drink the same.

I have also read on a few pages on the internet about how effective okra is in managing the level of sugar in your blood. But I am still suspicious of whether this remedy actually works. What do you think? Do you think okra is good for diabetes patients?

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Yes it does. 

May be

You can't really be sure if it works or not but do check if it does not harm in any way.

May be
Maybe. Not really sure.
May be

Dear Reader,

Thank you for leaving the question. Benefits of Okra in controlling diabetes is hugely debated. There are many researches that support both pros and cons of using okra to control diabetes. However, there are many amazing foods that will definitely assist you in managing your diabetes. And, we have compiled an amazing list for you.

We hope this will help.


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