Wonderful tips on how to get your voice back

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Wonderful tips on how to get your voice back

Losing voice is a common condition that anyone can get at least once in their lifetime, especially teachers and singers who have to use their voice too much because of their career characteristics. Itching, burning and other kinds of feelings indicate that your voice is getting broke down.  

However, don't worry too much this problem. The following are wonderful tips on how to get your voice back that you can apply easily in your daily life.

Having healthy behavior and lifestyle

Let your throat relax as much as possible

When you have a terrible voice, your throat is in bad condition with some injury. Keep talking even in a normal volume causes some damage to your vocal chords. You can’t be muted all the time, of course. But try to stay in privacy space or avoid any situation that requires your vocal chords work hard again. In case you have to express your ideas, but your voice does not allow, remember to take a notebook along with a pen, and you know the purpose, right? You will have fun with this method.

But do not try to whisper. Whispering makes you put more strain on your vocal chords. Avoid using the chords as much as possible to speed up the healing process.

Comforting your throat is highly recommended

Drinking habit

Your throat becomes achy because of irritation. So drink water more to keep your throat more hydrated and moist. Water at room temperature or warm water is the idealist for you. Too hot or cold water makes your throat mucous shock and causes more severity. Drink water whenever your body tells that you are thirsty. Regular intake of water not only loosens your muscle but also helps get rid of bad breath and mouth taste. Moisture is the key to how to get your voice back.

On the other side, alcohol is considered as the opposite side of the water. Drinking alcohol will dry out your throat and your body, as well. Especially when you are having hoarse, your throat gets irritation easily. Avoid alcoholic drink if you want your voice to get back.

Honey lemon has been used for decades because of its anti-infectious ability for preventing bad cough and hoarse. But that’s when you have not already had your voice loss. The acidic drink is not good for your irritated throat- epithelial tissue in detail. Honey is good for your throat but lemon, no. Try other recipes of honey with other kinds of tea if you do prefer tea to water.

Eating habit

Keep your throat off citrus tea, fruit and any acidic food. Chocolate is also on the restricted site since this sweet product promotes acid reflux which is not a good idea. Chewing gum can get your throat dry badly; even it’s your habit, stop chewing if you want your voice to come back.


Gargling is a good idea when you do not want to drink a lot of water because of later annoying elimination. Gargling with salt water both hydrates and disinfects your throat remarkably. Gargling is always useful even when you are having a rough voice or fighting a cold. That’s the reason why salt water is called over- the- counter mouthwash. Warming up the water first is good but not too hot.


Remember that moisture is the key to get over a hoarse. Utilize steam relaxes your body and supplies hydration for your throat. Bring a hot pot of water and cover your head over it with a blanket. Repeat the process when you found it necessary.

With people who don’t like the hot feeling of water steam, a humidifier is great. Consult the profession to add some ingredients or medicines if you want to overcome it quickly.

Doing exercise for your vocal chords

Warm up the body through exercise. Your vocal chords are muscle, too. So doing exercise is regularly an indirect way on how to get your voice back. Yoga is an excellent choice, but if you have no idea what is yoga is, try some light exercises at home or jogging. Heavy sport is not highly recommended, running or playing soccer requires you much energy and makes you dehydrated.

Quit smoking

Smoking is always harming you. In this case, smoking makes your throat dry and leads to many bad consequences. So stop smoking as much as you can if you want to get back your voice and protect your health.


Breathing habit is essential. Never breathe through your mouth. Your throat will be entirely down and dry and cause severe hoarse. If you are suffering from cold and your nose is stuffy, clean your nose and try to breathe through your nose as soon as possible.

The profession’s suggestion is necessary

If you have tried all the previous process, but the healing process seems to slow down, and you hardly see any improvement in several weeks, go to the hospital or pharmacy to get a better suggestion.

A long-lasting hoarse might be a sign of severe case of tonsillitis, contact the profession if you found out any abnormality.

Visit the local pharmacy for soothing products such as tablets, gel syrups in common. Medicines may be the last and most efficient way to get over a voice losing.

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Many people tend to lose their voice during winter. It is during the harsh cold, that the throat tends to dry up and result in inflammation of the vocal cords as well as loss of voice. Steam works like a charm in easing the discomfort that accompanies a bad throat. The hot vapors emitted from steaming hot water, bring an instant freshness and helps alleviate the worst of a throat infection.

Coat your throat before bed 

Just a spoonful of honey will do, but try to get sugar-free honey, so the granules of sugar don’t further scratch your throat as they dissolve. Another nice trick I learned from a theater major is to eat a small spoon of cream cheese before bed. Since it’s so thick, it can sometimes help to insulate your throat and the good bacteria within it will further help heal your throat.

This is also useful methods.

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