Can Medical Massage help treat Migraine?

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Can Medical Massage help treat Migraine?

Almost 30 million people in the US suffer from migraine. It is a headache disorder which is characterized by throbbing headache or a pulsating sensation, typically on just one side of the head. It can often be accompanied by nausea as well as extreme sensitivity to sound and light. Only someone who has migraine can understand how difficult life can be with this disorder.

Massage therapy or medical massage is quickly becoming one of the most preferred treatments for migraine and many people swear by how effective it is in eradicating the symptoms of migraine attacks. Have you ever tried massage therapy for your migraine or do you think it is actually effective in treating it?

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A migraine can be a real nuisance for the people who suffer from the disorder. That excruciating throbbing around the ears can cause you nausea and even vomit at times. Having these painful moments and extreme sensitivity to noise and light, you can just shut yourself in a dark room and go to sleep hoping that it would go away by the time you wake up.
Some of the symptoms of a migraine include pulsing in a particular area of head, nausea, vomiting, blind spots, tingling in arms and legs. If you notice these signs in your body, you should get a health checkup done as you might be suffering from a migraine.
Since the circumstance is very severe for the people who are suffering from a migraine, I would like to spread some light on medical massage for treating it. According to a study, people who took massage therapy had fewer migraines and had a better sleep during the time they were having massage appointments. Although it works as a miracle for people with migraines there are a few limitations to it. People who are suffering from ailments like kidney failure, heart failure, blood clots, bleeding disorders, skin problems, fractures, fresh wounds and recent surgery should avoid this therapy. Cancer patients and pregnant women should also consult their physician before taking the massage treatment. You should always share any health issued or medications you take with your migraine specialist before you opt to take the medical massage.
There are a lot of different types of massage you can choose from :
Deep Tissue Massage Therapy - This involves slow strokes with deep finger pressure which is applied to certain body parts with muscle tension.
Reflexology - It is believed that various zones in the feet are connected to other body parts. The therapists stimulate those areas in the feet in order to reduce the pain in the head. Massage of hands and feet is found really helpful by a lot of people.
Craniosacral Therapy - This one is focused majorly on the skull and scalp which get the massage and it relaxes the nerves to reduce the headache.
Neuromuscular Massage - Commonly known as trigger point massage, it reduces nerve compressions. The spots in the muscle that are sensitive to sensitive to touch are targeted in order to relax the pain.

Massage therapy is a manual therapy some particular body parts are rubbed, kneaded, stroked and tapped in order to ease muscle tension, improve blood flow and help in relaxation. This works wonders for people who have regular migraines.

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