How to Overcome the Fear of Being Alone?

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How to Overcome the Fear of Being Alone?

Are you afraid of being alone? Does the idea of not getting along with people creep you out? Or, do you often find yourself wishing to be left alone? Do you feel lonely at times? Do you sometimes feel very alone in spite of being amidst many people? Are you experiencing anxiety due to the constant thought of being left alone? Does the idea of being left alone forever, leave you in fear?

The feeling of being left out and of being alone forever is something that most of us experience at various times during the journey of our lives. Irrespective of how many friends we have and how many people are present with us at all times, the feeling of being alone can creep in at any point in time. The point that I am trying to bring to your notice is the fact that anxiety being lonely does not have much to do with the number of people who are there in your life and the number of people you hang out with.

We often tend to look at other people's lives and make assumptions from the face value of what we get to see. If they seem to hang out with a bunch of people on a regular basis, they are considered to be having a great time. What we need to understand is the fact that feeling alone is something that is directly attached to our feelings and our sense of belonging. We can feel left out, unhappy and alone even when we are with our friends and family. The idea is not how many people you are with. It is about how you feel when you are with them. Even if you are with one person and you feel exhilarated and a deep level of connection with that one person, you will be one of those people who does not feel left alone. At the same time you may be having a lot of people you can address as friends, and yet you hardly share any connection with these individuals. What you have with these people is all very superficial. This can prove to be the cause of fear of being alone.

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There can be two kinds of fear related to being alone; one is the idea of being left alone to do all the work and live completely all by yourself. This is more of the kind where you are completely responsible for yourself and do not have many people to ask for help on a regular basis. This may be a situation where due to the kind of circumstances life has offered to you, you are compelled to live alone. This is when the idea of being unsafe and the burden of having to do everything all alone can be the cause of fear of being alone. The idea that you do not have anyone to walk the path with you can create a sense of unhappiness and that of lack of meaning in life. This is sure to give rise to a certain kind of fear.

The other form of fear related to being alone is the one directly connected to the lack of emotional connection - when you fear of being lonely. This can also lead to the development of the phobia of being alone, known as Autophobia or even Monophobia. This can get worse to such an extent that the person suffering from autophobia will want to do anything but not wish to be left alone for one second. The moment they are required to be alone for a moment, it leads to all kinds of feelings of anxiety and fear paralyzing them. The worst for of fear related to being alone is developing the phobia of being left alone. You may be able to cope with the other forms of fear of being left alone, but, if you are suffering from autophobia, you will need help and guidance for getting rid of it.

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Although the autophobia can seem to be very common and pretty difficult to deal with, here are some things you can do to get rid of the phobia. 

How To Overcome The Fear Of Being Alone

#1. The first thing you can do is to remind yourself of the positive aspects of being alone. Yes, there are various positive aspects of being alone that people often forget to take into consideration. Being alone is taken to be a negative thing, but there are multiple positive aspects to it. Look at it this way; there is absolutely no point of being in a relationship with anyone who is toxic for you. There is no need to be with individuals who are the source of negativity in our lives. Yet we find multiple people dealing with negative people in their lives and not being able to leave these relationships. The reason for this is the fear that comes from suffering from autophobia. When you are suffering from autophobia, it becomes far more difficult for you to be able to be all by yourself. This kind of fear compels you to be in relationships that are toxic. 

The phobia can be the cause of you sticking to toxic people. The best way to cure your phobia and get rid of these toxic relationships is by compelling yourself to identify the negative habits you are creating and accepting the harm it is doing to your life. Initially, it will be hard to accept them, the fear might creep in, but if you push yourself and keep the focus on positive, you will make it to the winning side.

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#2. The next idea can change your life and will help you to get rid of the autophobia you have. Please understand the fact that you do not need anyone else to make your life better. This does not mean you can survive like a zombie all alone. It simply means you do not need to have people in your life who approve of certain things and who make you feel complete and happy. The moment you understand the fact, that if you can be happy and accept yourself the way you are you will automatically feel the sense of happiness in your life. The more you remain happy, more you will end up attracting happiness and like-minded people into your life. Along with that, you will have to realize how you can develop a connection with yourself by spending time alone. 

The other benefit of realizing the importance of being alone, when you are working towards getting rid of autophobia is, the fact that this time alone gives you the chance to recharge your energy. If you are always surrounded by people you will find it hard to connect with them deeply and to establish a long running relationship. This time that you are left alone is the best time to reconnect with yourself. Do not fear it and make the most of it. 

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#3. The best way to get yourself out of the position is to be grateful for what you have in your life. Irrespective of who we are and where we are in our lives? We all have some or the other things that are a boon for us. Most of us are so busy observing what is not there is our lives that, it never occurs to us that we are actually blessed with so many things in our lives. What being grateful will do is, it will drive your attention from what you do not have and what you do not like, to what you do have and what you are blessed with in your life. It will compel you to think about the good things and help you to slowly cure the phobia as you will spend more time focusing on the good and not the unnecessary fear.

You can choose to do this by making a gratitude list on a daily basis, or you can also choose to do this by counting your blessings by saying them out loud. Irrespective of how you choose to do it, you will have something that will need you make a count of the good things in your life and do it on a daily basis. This is a sure way to eliminate the entire negative from your life and to make space for the good and the positive.

Did you find this article helpful? Do you think it will help you in your fight against your phobia of being alone? Please comment in the box below and let us know your opinion.

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The feeling of being alone is extremely horrible. The dominant manner that you should carry to stop being alone is by learning the art of respecting yourself. If you know what kind of human being you are and what are your traits, then nothing can stop you to overcome the feeling of being alone. A person falls in the no-looker zone when you treat people with no respect and also try to hinder their personal space. That is the time when most people are zoned-out. In my view, the best way to overcome the fear of being alone is to repress all those habits which could make you one of the loner. The moment you stop believing in yourself and have confidence in your decision, all the fear goes away.

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