How do Hormones change during Pregnancy?

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How do Hormones change during Pregnancy?

A woman’s journey through her pregnancy period is no less than a roller coaster ride or a journey full of surprises. We can quite bet on the fact that almost all women face similar hormonal changes. But, do you hold an idea how hormones change during pregnancy? We shall make you familiar with the changes that take place so that you don’t face problems when you enter your happiest period.

A woman’s body is absolutely stunning, incredible and strong when it comes to sheltering the new being. The body knows what all it is supposed to do even if we are not aware what it is up to. It is therefore important to know for a woman to know what changes occur to have a stronghold during impregnation.

Let Us Look At The Changes That Occur During Pregnancy:

#1.  hCG

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When the egg breaks away from the ovary, it leaves its outer coat known as ‘Corpus Luteum. It is the task of the hCG to sustain ’Corpus Luteum’ so that it can end up formulating progesterone and estrogen to carry on with the growth of the embryo. In case, your hCG is not produced when your egg is not fertilized then the ‘Corpus Luteum’ gradually detaches itself and hence you end up getting your period. The much-talked hCG is always there throughout your entire pregnancy but touches its highest level during nine or tenth week. Also, at this point, your placenta holds the ability to take over your production of hormones.

#2.  Changes In Balance

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We all know a female’s body goes through innumerable changes during the pregnancy time. She can feel her breasts getting enlarged and her abdomen getting converted into a convex form which in turn increases the curvature at the back. Nevertheless, this changes her sense of balance. Also, this makes tough for impregnated women to do any work or exercise. If precautions aren’t taken, they could be injured.

#3. Progesterone

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If we compare this to estrogen, production of progesterone is way too easy. It is made up with the help of placenta. Mothers to be aren’t supposed to do anything. Also, it is formulated with the help of cholesterol just like estrogen is. It is initially transformed into pregnenolone then into progesterone, what we are talking about!

#4. Oxytocin

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Are you ready to do some pushing? It is made by mothers to be which is accountable for enlarging the cervix and invigorating uterine contractions for transporting the baby. After its transportation, oxytocin is revitalized by sucking on the nipple by the baby which results in milk oozing out.

#5. Mood Swings

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What do you know about pregnancy mood swings? Did you know that differentiations in hormone levels have a vital impact on the mood of a woman who is a mother to be? It can change your mood from happiness to sadness or depression to be more precise. Also, don’t forget that progesterone levels touch heights during pregnancy which can at times slow the room of food through the intestines and lead to the diminished motility of the bowel.

I hope you liked the article. In case, you face any doubts, let us know!

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