What shapes an individual, nature or nurture?

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What shapes an individual, nature or nurture?

Debate on 'Nature vs Nurture' can be traced back to many centuries. It is very difficult to come to a decision whether the development of a person is affected by his DNA, or development of an individual is influenced by environmental and life experiences. However, it should be understood that the nurture and nature play key roles in the development of humans, but still there is a lot of confusion on whether the development is due to nature or because of nurture.

You might derive physical features of your parents. Your eyes may look like your father and your hair color is similar to the hair color of your mother. On the other hand, you may not derive talents and personality from your mother or father. The way you behave, respond and talk are mostly influenced by the environment where you grew up. That is why where you grew up is matters. You might be a different person if you grew up in any other place.

Some approaches or characteristics are regarded as the nature elements, while traits are deemed to be resulting from nurturing elements. A naturalistic outlook of human traits is favored by the biological approach. This approach is based on the biological rationale in explaining genetic dispersal and inheritance of vital characteristics which allow humans to perform certain actions, move and make decisions. Those who believe in biological approach attribute these traits to hormones, neurological chemicals, and genetics. 

Another approach which describes the behavior of humans through natural traits is known as psychoanalysis. Those who follow this approach deem that genes and traits drive basic human actions and emotions, such as aggression and sexual behavior. On the other hand, behaviorism states that behaviors learned by humans are the result of surrounding environments.  

We need to understand that nurture and nature are inseparable. Nurture plays an important role in activating natural elements. Though genes predetermine our traits, we have the option of living in the way we want through our life journey. 

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