Organic Food? Future or not?

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Organic Food? Future or not?

Agriculture is the backbone of economies because it is the food that keeps us alive and the agriculturists do the same thing, they produce food for us.

Development of civilizations happened when people started using agriculture in a profitable way while mixing the same intelligently along with Animal Husbandry. As the need for food increased mankind used its intelligence and produced fertilizers so that the yield could be increased.

But, use of fertilizers is not free of side effects and the soil fertility, quality of agricultural produce is decreasing.

So what is the answer to this problem? With limited land availability what else could be done?

The answer lies in Organic Agriculture

What exactly does Organic mean?

Organic Agriculture/ Farming is-

1. Holistic production management system that can promote as well as enhance the agro- ecosystem health.

2. It is an approach that has the capability to even better the soil biological activities, biodiversity as well as biological system

Organic Farming treats farm as a living entity, maintains the life of the soil, keeps it enriched with humus and good health because it engages organic wastes.

Organic wastes that organic agriculture uses are free from pollutants and are also friendly for atmosphere. Plus the whole method avoids usage of synthetic inputs like pesticides, hormones, fertilizers etc. and aims to decrease the cost of production along crop rotations, off-farm organic wastes, animal manures as inputs etc.

Animal Husbandry is also a part of organic farming as animal wastes are used for agricultural inputs.

Why is it the future?

It is the philosophy beside Organic farming that makes it the thing of future, basically it is based on the philosophy that the microbes, worms and other organisms present in the soil are the contributors to the fertility and must be protected as well as nurtured. Moreover, the method aims at




L          soil, food, life and environment.




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Difficult to do and expensive.

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