What do people look for in their prospective spouses?

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What do people look for in their prospective spouses?

There is an urge in everyone to get married and settle down. Some choose to marry early age while others wait for the perfect mate to show up. There are some who go for arranged marriage while there are many who opt for love marriage. But whatever mode you get married and whenever you get married, there will be some qualities that you would want in your prospective spouse.

Now, here comes the catch. The prospective qualities that you wish to see in your spouse, depends primarily on your character. What type of person you are? Are you a practical person or are you an idealist? If  you are a practical person, then your main eye will be for the three Ms – Money, Mansion and Mercedes. Then comes physical appeal, manipulative character and Machiavellian intelligence. A person who have Machiavellian character can survive any type of holocaust without even suffering a burn on their finger. They are born survivors. They can reach to the top of any institution with their cunning and shrewdness.

But, if you are an idealist, then you will opt for a spouse who give importance to love, emotional attachment, understanding and care. They attach more importance to human relations than material wealth. They find joy in small pleasures of life. For them money, mansion or Mercedes means nothing. For them, family means everything.

Then there are another type of people in this world. They don’t have any dream about their future spouse. When it’s time to get married, you will look and the first person that suits your basic requirements like pleasant look and education will be the mate forever in your life. For these people, there are no practical qualities, no ideals or anything. Just get married, have some kids and finally have a peaceful death during their old age. What more can they hope for?

So, what type is you? If you can assess yourself, then the kind of qualities you wish to have in your spouse is easy to find.

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