Save trees, save mankind

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Save trees, save mankind
  • Trees are our lifeline. Don’t you think? An environment sans trees cannot be imagined.
  • Where can we get the free oxygen or fresh air? It’s only through the nature-given trees. They are like a gift given to us. So it becomes our main duty to protect it no matter what. From the early times, we have seen how humans have needed trees. It acts as a source of life.
  • A wonderful green picturesque beauty is provided by them for all of us. They create an ultimate poise in nature. The world wouldn’t have run till now if it weren’t for trees. Man’s avarice for wanting more in life has destroyed the naturalness about and all the artificial stuff has crept in our lives. The more the world takes on this road, then doom is on the corner. We can now see it with our own eyes how the climate has changed, how every pattern in the ecosystem is changing day by day.

  • Well, if we don’t do something, humanity is proceeding to a total obliteration. The only solution now lies in our hands. We need to take responsibility and grow more trees each day and make others aware of the situation. If we don’t do something now, then everything will come to ruins and there be not one of us alive to tell tales or legends.


  • So let’s save trees…and save mankind!!

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