Ways to protect our environment from pollution

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Ways to protect our environment from pollution

Our air, water, food and land are getting polluted.

We all are responsible for it.  We should not blame the government. Every single person should take the responsibility to protect our environment. We all have to implement some simple habits. 

Air pollution

Did you know the paint in your house contain toxins? Use a latex paint. Avoid oil based paint if you are painting your home.

Plant a tree. Trees absorb carbon di-oxide and clean your air. Plants gives us oxygen to breathe.

Vehicles also contribute to air pollution. Drive smoothly.  Switch  off your vehicle when not in use. Do not stop it if you have to stop it for a less minute.

Use environment friendly house cleaners. 

Save water

Use a bucket when you wash your car. Avoid using a hose. Don't wash your dishes and clothes until you have a full load in machines. Don't let the water run while brushing. Take a shorter shower. Repair all the leaks in your bathroom and toilets. Avoid littering in occeans, rivers and lakes.

Save electricity

The methods used to generate electricity are harmful. They do produce pollution. So use electricity wisely. Switch off electrical appliances, when they are not in use. Use Eco friendly electrical appliances.

Tips to save LPG gas - Avoid cooking in bad conducting cooking utensils. Cut food into smaller sections and cook. Check for gas leakage. Avoid wastage of gas. Microwaves produce radiation, which is harmful  for the environment.

Switch off all electrical appliances when not in use.

Keep your land clean.

Recycle things. All plastics, glass, cans and tins should be recycled. Use reusable bags. Replace plastics with glass bottles. Do not throw hazardous materials into the bin. Use rechargeable batteries. Use environment friendly cleaning products. Avoid usage of polythene bags. Avoid burning of garbage. Air condition has chlorofluorocarbon. Avoid using air conditions.

Locate industries far away from residential areas.

Clean food.

Plant vegetables and fruits at your backyard. Go organic and go vegan.

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