Do you think that there is a relation between global warming and cars?

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Do you think that there is a relation between global warming and cars?

What is Global warming? And why are we so disturbed about it? Or are we really? Let's take a look at it's dictionary meaning. It means sustainable increase in the average temperature of the Earth, sufficient enough to cause climate change. And we can notice that climate really is changing. Or is it really? I tell you that there is a relation between cars and Global Warming just as similar as there is a relation between a man and his unicorn. In both the cases, later is fictional. Global warming was created to loot you, disturb you and give you a false idea that our planet is dying. We have evolved so much. Earth has suffered so much. Earth saw the ice age, dinosaurs, wars, volcanoes, it has seen every little thing that humans are unknown to. But why do we get constant reminders about Global Warming? To tell you the truth, there is an increase in average temperature of the Earth by 0.8 degree Celsius from the year 1850 till this year.

The total percentage of contribution to this so-called Global Warming from cars and trucks combined is 20%! Cars and trucks combined!  So the car which you are using has helped in increasing just 0.16 degree Celsius in the last 166 years. If all the countries actually did what was decided in this year's Paris's Climate Change summit, the total temperature that will decrease is 0.17 degree Celsius till the year 2100.

So is pollution a big concern? Yes. Is the CO2 gas? Yes. But is Global warming? No. We are just being looted in the name of our beloved 'dying planet'. So there is a relation between car and Global warming. But it's just 1/5th. Oh and according to the famous Economist Steven Levitt, one of the major cause of Global Warming is Animal Wastes and not cars or trucks or even factories- as mentioned in his book 'Superfreakonomics' published in October 2009. So now, Wake Up!!

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