10 Indoor Plants That Help Increase Productivity At Workplace

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10 Indoor Plants That Help Increase Productivity At Workplace

According to a research study named The Relative Benefits Of Green Versus Lean Office Space, psychologists say that workplaces that lack visual materials, souvenirs or other distractions are the most toxic spaces you can put any human into. Conclusions of the same study suggested that when greener plants were brought on to the desks (one plant per square meter) the employee performance, their memory retention and other essential experiments had considerably improved. The whole idea was to engage people from the comforts of their desks psychologically. So when people are happier, they also work better. Bosses will admire that you are working harder and you'll embrace the fact that you are working happily.

Marlon Nieuwenhuis, Ph.D., from Cardiff University in Wales suggests in her research, investing in landscaping the office with more and more plants will pay off through an increase in the quality of life as well as productivity. Micro-restoration is a proven fact now, so the chances to recharge your brains throughout the day get increased. Therefore, bring in these desk/ indoor plants and observe yourself progressing efficiently.

#1. Bamboo Palm

These are amongst the best air purifying plants that you can keep at your office corners. Bamboo Palms are slightly complicated to grow and probably become 6 feet tall. But all the greens it offers make this plant a must have!

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

#2. Peace Lily

This beautiful plant grows partly under the shade and partly under the sun. It's an air purifying plant that's easy to grow and is even reliable to produce beautiful blooms. Regular mists are enough to keep this plant spreading. But it also does without water for up to two weeks.

(Image Courtesy: My City Plants)

#3. Baby Rubber Plant

Thick leaves, corpulent stems along with the ability to do without much water, baby rubber remains pot-bounded when planted indoors and requires re-potting in every three to four years. This one is a must have on your desk.

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

#4. Chinese Evergreen

These are easy to grow plants and require less upkeep. The leaf colors vary from green, gray to red and silver.  It symbolizes long life hence should be perfect for your desk. 

(Image Courtesy: Costa Farms)

#5. Mini Aloe Kokedamas

Mini aloe vera balls of soil are the ones you need right away! Freshen up with the glory of aloe and brighten your work space with their small structure. This is a miniature of the Grand aloe vera plant. Only occasional sprays are required.

(Image Courtesy: Ask Nursery Live)

#6. Nano Marimo

These are beautiful, compact and engaging little living plants that take up very little space on your desk and can stay inside a glass pot. These are green algae that have the capability of living up to 100 years and grow only about 5mm in a year.

(Image Courtesy: Etsy)

#7. Donkey Tail

Also known as burro's tail, this one makes a perfect indoor plant due to its lush green texture and its ability to be a fascinating succulent. You would not regret after getting it on your office desk.

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

#8. Devil’s Ivy

This is a type of evergreen vine with larger and sometimes heart-shaped leaves. It adapts well to the office conditions and is easy-to-care-for. Devil's Ivy would make a lovely addition on your desk making you feel refreshed and relaxed.

(Image Courtesy: Balcony In Bloom)

#9. Bromeliads

This plant improves the air quality of your surroundings, freshens up your atmosphere and help increase your efficiency. They need a little more maintenance at first, but after blooming, lesser efforts are required. Their striking color helps you feel happier and less burdened while working.

(Image Courtesy: Plantique)

#10. Philodendron

These supremely green plants have dark and lush glossy leaves that can be maintained even in the shade. These are ideal plants for your office desk and even give a tropical feel.

(Image Courtesy: My City Plants)

Office desks are not just regular workstations, but the spaces where you spend most of the time. So having that attractive green area makes your ambiance pleasant and instills the required positive vibes.

(Featured Image Courtesy: eOffice)

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