Do you know how to adorn your balcony with different types of plants?

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Do you know how to adorn your balcony with different types of plants?

A balcony is an inseparable part of our lives.

In the mornings, you go to your balcony to breathe in the fresh air and have a glimpse of the bright morning outside. And in the evenings you take your mug of coffee to spend quality time with your family members or you might carry your books there to read. Being such a special part of your house, take time out to make your balcony all the more special and unique. 

Some unique plants that should adorn your balcony

1. Ornamental petunia plant

Petunias can be a good option for decorative purposes; they can be cultivated widely in a garden or in a pot as per the space available. Petunias can tolerate harsh conditions and hot climates. They require 5 hours of sunlight every day. In the areas where it is usually dry, care should be taken to water them every day. They could be grown with the help of seeds.

2.Decorative Pelargonium:

Pelargonium looks beautiful adorning your balcony. They can be easily grown vegetatively from their cuttings or you can easily get them from the nearest market. Their requirements include warm and sunny inhabitations. And therefore, they are a good option to put in the hanging baskets or balcony boxes alike.

3. Golden Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums also known as mums are popularly called the ‘flower of November’. They come in different hues and shades to choose from. I love the golden one, as it has the ability to brighten up your day. They can be grown throughout the year at any point in time. They also have a great cultural history, like in China they celebrate the chrysanthemum festival. 

4. Ferns basket

The very ornamental and decorative piece of your balcony garden  can be your fern plant. As a matter of fact, ferns have also been found to remove heavy metals, main ones being the arsenic from the soil, so if you plant them in your garden, they can be helpful in that way too. The Ferns are largely used for the ornamental purposes.

5. Euphorbia milii Cherry Jack

This plant looks very beautiful and ornate. And you can just receive a lot of compliments from the visitors and passersby. This can be planted in a pot and it will give that charm and elegance for your balcony that will make everyone around envy you.

6. Bougainvillea

Bougainvilleas can be planted in a hanging basket or as an ornamental tree in your garden in whatever form you like. They are tolerant of drought and dry conditions and also apt for the moderately cooler climates.There are also different colors of this plant available and you can choose from whichever would fit your sense and comfort.

7. Rangoon creeper

Rangoon creeper is a fragrant variety of the ornamental plants. The Rangoon flowers are soothing to the senses. They are easily available in the nurseries. 

8. Orange trumpet creeper

The orange trumpet creeper is usually found in only orange color and gives a beautiful look to the place it is climbing on. They require abundant moisture and a place like a wall to climb. It can be easily made to climb on the balcony wall, and it will also give a bright and unique look to it.

Therefore go forward and decorate your balcony with some colorful and exotic plants!

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