Indoor plants that bring positive energy

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Indoor plants that bring positive energy

According to feng shui, plants are thought to spread good will and prosperity in the surroundings where they are placed. Plants also breathe in the harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and provide fresh air for us to breathe. Certain plants when placed in your house bring and the air of positivity and make your house a happy place to dwell. 

Plants are natural air purifiers. They are also said to have properties that remove harmful pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide from air. Thus it is beneficial to keep some of these plants in our home to purify the air as well as bring in some positivity into our lives. These plants are also found to reduce the sick building syndrome. According to the findings of a study, it has been suggested that at least one plant in 100 square feet of the space would be effective in fighting with the air pollution.

1. Flamingo Flower

Anthurium is the scientific name of the plant species to which the flamingo flower belongs. It is usually grown as houseplants and indoor plants. The flamingo flower is native to America but is spread throughout Mexico and Northern Argentina . Nowadays it is easily available in the markets too.

2. Aglaonema


According to a health study done by the scientists of NASA,  Aglaonema is an effective air purifier. The heart shaped leaves of aglaonema are the source of positive energy flow in your indoor surroundings. According to the NASA Clean air study, it was proved that it filters very harmful toxic substances found in the air and thus gives you fresh and clean air.

2. Chrysanthemum


Chrysanthemum plants have been shown to reduce indoor air pollution by the NASA Clean Air Study as quoted in Wikipedia. And thus it is good to plant chrysanthemums indoors.

3. Basil plant


Basil plant has the capacity to bring in love, passion and joy into the house in which it is placed. Also it develops passion in the person who eats it. The smell of the plant is itself said to boost your confidence and concentration.

4. Bamboo


Bamboo is a great plant which is said to bring in flexibility in your mind, helps in spiritual growth, and aids in the overall health. It is also helpful to depressed people as it helps to alleviate your mood.

5. Jasmine


Jasmine is one of the most fragrant flowers whose smell cures it all. It has an alluring smell which is associated with love, sensuality and attachment.

6. Lavender


Feng Shui recommends to use lavender in its dried form . The plant can be kept as well It has a smell which calms you and reduces tensions alike. Also it is used to infuse a feeling of romance. 

7. Money plant


Money plant is one of the most popular indoor plants which are recommended by feng shui. It filters the air and regulates the flow of oxygen. Also it is advised to keep it near computer systems, since it reduces stress and anxiety. Also it represents wealth and abundance. 

8. Echeverias


The echeviarias are a variety of succulent plants and are used for ornamental purposes as well. This plant is widely used as an indoor plant, which purifies the air.

9. Orchids


Orchids are the plants which are basically used to instill a sense of love in your surroundings and also for relationship adjustments. And hence great for the ones who are single. It is a simple and sweet flower which can bring a sense of positivity in to your surroundings.

10. Spathiphyllum


Spathiphyllums or peace lilies are a part of the feng shui plants. These according to NASA have been said to purify the air by filtering harmful toxic substances in the air which are mainly formaldehydes. Formaldehyde comes in the presence of the paint, wood varnishes,etc. But the plant itself is dangerous if ingested.  

11. Eucalyptus


Eucalyptus is a plant that cleans up the air and thus provides fresh oxygen to the lungs. It removes the harmful pollutants present in the atmosphere and thus purifies the air.

The oil is also very useful in a number of health problems, such as Cold and cough, sinus etc. Plus the tree purifies the air with the fresh oxygen. Therefore it is a very important plant.

12. Pine plant


 A researcher in the 1940s discovered that the bark and needles of the Pine plant contain Vitamin C. Later on it was also discovered that the pine trees contain a lot of antioxidants, flavonols and bioflavonoids. The scent of the pine trees is itself a great relaxing agent which is said to reduce stress.

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