Do you know what are the elements to create a zen balcony garden?

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Do you know what are the elements to create a zen balcony garden?

The classical Zen Gardens came into existence during the Muromachi period of Japan, which reigns from 1337-1573. The Muromachi period occupies an important place in the history of Japan, which signifies the various political rivalries and wars created at that time due to the political turmoil taking place, but also remains the witness of the rapidly flourishing Japanese Culture at that time.

A variety of changes in the culture of Japan were happening. Thus the Noh Theater, the Japanese Tea ceremony, the Shoin Style of Japanese architecture, and the exotic ZEN Garden came into being.

The Zen Garden

Zen Gardens were mainly created at the temples of Zen Buddhism, in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. They were mainly created as a place for meditation by the monks. These gardens are usually built in a small space surrounded by walls meant to be seen while sitting, from a single viewpoint outside the garden.

Elements that come into making of the Japanese rock garden or the Zen Garden: 

As the classical zen gardens were created to intimate the essence of nature and not its actual appearance, the following are the elements which were used to make the miniature landscapes which are popularly known as dry landscapes as well.

These gardens were made by the careful unique composition of rocks, unique water features, the moss, selecting attractive bushes and also some pruned trees.

Along with these materials, they also make use of gravel or sand that is placed in such a way so as to represent ripples of water.

Thus creating a miniature landscape garden, or “dry landscape” garden which impels a positive and soothing effect on mind while helping in the process of meditation.

How to create your own zen balcony garden

 A Zen garden balcony will prove to be a great refuge and be your personal space to calm down your mind from the daily stresses of life. It doesn’t take much space and could be placed wherever you wish.

So if you have space in the form of a balcony, why not decorate it with a Zen garden? And we will help you to make it.

All that you will need is:

1. A cardboard or an unused table.

2. Gravel or Sand whichever you like so as to make the ripples of water.

3. Specially picked natural stones, preferably beachside stones or pebbles.

4. A small sized water container.

5. Water.

6. Some green grass.

7. Some miniature plants if available, else the grass would add the required effect.

Step 1.Take an unused table or a cardboard with a boundary wall.

Step 2.Take an adequate amount of sand to fill in the cardboard or your table up to 1-2 inch.

Step 3.Fill the cardboard or table with sand equally on the entire surface and compress it to make it even.

Step 4.Then you have to rake the sand in circular motions using a comb sort of brush, you can make the circular motions in the entire sand surface. Since the Zen garden is a dry landscape, hence, by making the circular motions in the sand we represent ripples of water.

Step 5. Now decide a few points in the garden, where you would like to place the carefully chosen pebbles.

Step 6. Place a few regular sized pebbles on the sand, to create a soothing effect. And do not clutter up by using too many pebbles. As it is the place you have to take refuge, it should be clutter free.

Step 7. Take the water container, it can be of any shape but yes to fit in the garden not bigger than it. It can be of small circular shape. Fill this small container with the water.

Step 8. Then choose the best place to keep the water container. Water gives out positive energy, Hence, it will add more positivity to your meditative refuge.

Step 9.If you have a miniature plant, place it carefully without disturbing the other features of your garden.

Step 10.If you have found some moss, then you can place it carefully near the water container so as to encircle it as a boundary. Or you can indulge your creativity as you like into your miniature garden.

Step 11. Use gravel to highlight the boundaries of your garden.

Now your miniature garden is ready to serve you as your refuge from the stress of the daily life.

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