Self Control

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Self Control

Ever heard of a Hindi saying, "Kuch palon me khataa ki, aur sadeeyon me sazaa paayi". That's our older generations telling us the importance of self-control. What if one day you get back home from a long day and your mother is eagerly waiting for you to come home, serves you food which you like the most and then she takes a plate and starts having dinner with you; But you notice that the curry you are having has no taste because your mother forgot to add salt and you yell at her for showing 'incompetence'. Let's admit, almost all of us have done that. Have you given any thought about how she would have felt about it? She waited for you to come back just to have a nice dinner with you and you yell at her just because she committed a minor mistake. Before touching the real topic, a friendly advice- Never take your mother for granted. Never!

Now, to not speak like that with anyone, you need self-control. The dictionary meaning of self-control means the ability to control one's desires and impulses at that moment or for a particular moment. I won't say that everyone must have self-control because I know it's not an easy task. You have to invest a lot of years to possess self-control. Which is why I am going to give you some tips as to how you can gain self-control.

1) Meditate
I know it may sound cliche to many of you but meditation is really important not just to gain self-control but to have a clear perspective of life, It actually makes lives better. It makes you better. All you have to do is just focus on all your senses, breathing and try to look into your inner self. Do it for 5-10 minutes daily. It's not necessary to do it at a particular time, you can do it anytime.

2) Exercise
A good exercise, be it yoga, gym, jogging or anything. Just doing it for 15 minutes releases a neurotransmitter which soothes your body and keeps you calm and fresh.

3) Sleep
I won't tell you the amount of sleep you should take as the opinions vary from one doctor to the other. But having a good sleep helps to calm your brain, which is essential if you want to gain self-control.

4) Make some changes your environment
If something bothers you, avoid it. May it be people, thoughts or anything. If there is a lot of noise at your workplace, use earbuds or change your cabin. Use a different color to decorate your room. Make it a happy place. It will make you happier.

Try reducing the attractiveness of your enticements. If something is too attractive to you, try thinking about its disadvantages. Try thinking something bad about it. If it's a food, try thinking about its nutrients value. If it's a person, try thinking his/her cry. But most importantly, take some time to think! Be unique, most people don't think. Don't be like most of the people.

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