How to stop Being Average?

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How to stop Being Average?

Being average is all about settling soon and blending with the rest of people around you so that when someone from outside examines you, you come off as similar and not the one who shines the most. There is nothing wrong with being average; it’s just that when you get to play only one round of life, why not gamble with all your abilities instead of just honing one and practicing that for the rest of your life?

The key to stop being average is to succeed so much in what you do that when that thing is being referred, your name immediately comes to the mind of people or when your name is being referred to that thing you are associated with also comes to the mind of people. When you understand what makes you typical and you stop doing that, then you can assert yourself by telling yourself that this is the time to do something more for yourself.  

Tips To Stop Being Average

 #1. Acknowledge The Standard  

Everyone has a certain standard of living which they are known and defined by, and we do grow and shrink when we compare ourselves to someone we are better than or to someone better than us. This diversity among the living can surely tell you that people become stagnant at some point or the other in their life and this stagnation is nothing else but an earlier death. When we get comfortable, we stop growing and yield to the demon that laziness is. Once you acknowledge the average behavior of people including your common behavior as well and swear that you will change the situation that has made you react this way, change will come and lift you above the average mark.  

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# 2. Transform Your Mind  

Our mindset has a lot to do with the way we carry ourselves. If we continue to tell ourselves that we are average, we will settle down with this belief and not challenge ourselves. However, when we tell ourselves that this is average and this doesn’t give me the satisfaction I am after, it will push us to reach for more that will enable us to grow in the process.  

#3. Never Fall Out Of Love With Small Things  

Successful people are human too, but more often than not people admire them so much for their success that they fail to notice what the person in the likes. You do shine in your work but when you show others around you just how enthusiastic you are about everything, this energy will make you create more goals. This is because it is often love that makes us deeply care about things and when we learn about the cunning ways in which the things around us have come to be we try our best to get the better of that cunning.  

# 4. Make A Journal  

When you tell yourself that you have to write daily about one thing you did which made you different than others it is sure to spark the creativity you need to make yourself into something more than you are right now. The virtue of a man ought to be measured not by his extraordinary exertions but by his everyday conduct and looking for cool thing everyday will for sure make you stand out and make an impressive presence in the room.  

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# 5. People Love Qualities  

‘We never love a person but only qualities; is a statement which outraged a lot of people because they did not like being totally honest with them moreover it is very difficult to see yourself only in lieu of your qualities but what more is there to us than qualities? You will definitely fall in the average column as you keep on being the way all people act. A boy who runs the fastest in your class or a girl who scores the most every time is sure to be admired and envied by others alike as they make others feel that they are missing something when really they are just expressing their own qualities. When you realize this truth after some initial resistance that you fed yourself, you will evaluate yourself with a critical eye and get the answer so as to what you should master and improve upon.  

# 6. Fear Being Forgotten  

Sometimes in order to succeed big, you need to remain paranoid about a thing or two. Success Breeds Complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only The Paranoid Survive. These are the words if one examines very early on in his/her life, the application will be such where the person doesn’t feel all hot and bothered about one difficulty or period of struggle in life but will only start to worry if there are two or more. When you are gripped by the fear of being forgotten that makes you resolve that you will do things with twice the effort and energy so that they last longer and declare that you are a force to reckon with always acting fast as you never ease up on the pressure you make yourself feel.  

# 7. Surround Yourself With People Better Than You  

This is one of the hardest things to do - conquering your own ego. It is so often that we avoid hanging out with people better than us because our self-esteem shrinks in the presence of their self-esteem and we end up feeling offended just because we are weak before them and silently learn the truth that they are indeed better than us. Mostly the parameters for comparison are appearance, education and wealth and once you start spending time with people you think are better than you, it will be clear what all about them is superficial and what all is real substance. In order to break out of the average consensus, you need to continuously egg yourself about being average and that it is not okay to be so.  

# 8. Practice

There is no hope unmingled with fear and no fear unmingled with hope. This statement tells us that at times what we are doing, say working extra hard to get a toned body or going against the grain in setting up a shop where other businesses are skeptical of setting up, are things that can help you gain the edge you are looking for. But they do come with risks and need an iron will that can keep going when the hope inside you is reduced to the last ashes. You keep practicing till you make it fun and then just wait till it is recognized and supported by other people so that you truly stand out from the crowd.

#9. Motivate Yourself

Whenever you are feeling down, you just have to remind yourself of past accomplishments and triumphs so that you can find the strength to do it again. It is often the case with us when we feel that achieving it once was enough and achieving it again won’t be any different sure, it won’t be but why do you forget that achieving it made you happy and took you to a level of bliss you did not experience before? It is our sincere duty that we keep sadness and depression out of our lives and stay forever motivated and enthusiastic about the life we are living.

#10. Give It Time

The thing you take up today is sure to bring a change in you if you persist with it but don’t be over-optimistic when you hope. In order to add elements to your personality, you need to understand that development takes time. We are blessed with the knowledge that we can always feel young when we take on unfamiliar things and tap that old nerve of hope. Nobody keeps a constant track of tiny incremental changes, but it doesn’t mean they don’t happen. Adding new things and taking on new challenges is the only way to grow and accommodate more in your personality.

# 11. Join A Sports Club

Life is all about winning and losing and the numerical values assigned to both the results. We have tried our best to make everything result oriented from business to fun and even family life. Believe it or not, when you win in a particular game the first thing that sets self-esteem is the margin between your number and your competitor's number. The ranking is the only way we really know in which we can differentiate between people and in a setting where data rules and determines credibility the ones who have more numbers preside over the ones who do not. If nothing is binding some people and something is binding others, they become a group, and this gives contrast with which we see things and make judgments. Joining a sports club will help you know the exact measure of your self-esteem and make you push for more as you will be continuously challenged to outdo yourself as it remains the only way to see whether you are average or above average.

Tell us what you do not to be average.  Drop your comments in the comment section below. 

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I was happy being average and doing things at the same pace as others until one day I was
reprimanded for the same thing by one of my close friends and the thing was that he grew tired
of me and my habits and sought change. I was okay with it myself and knew that our friendship
is going through tough times so it is best to leave him be. Then one day my family made the
same remark that he made and this time I was hurt and full of rage as in me like many pain is
quickly accompanied by anger so I stormed out of the house to think as if I would have stayed
inside I would have lashed out at them. I spotted a pattern among people that there was a great
need in them to believe that they are superior to some and inferior to some but what forms this
thinking was different in everybody. I blocked a lot of people and did not make new friends for a
while because I was afraid that they would see that I was average and would resent being my
friends. One of the key elements of my fear was that if I was average then I would forever be at
the mercy of the ones who are better than me as the truth that men rule over other men never
evaded me. I resolved to make myself better and laid out a specific plan of action devoting some
time every day to a specific task that I want to master. I had to get rid of critical mindset
altogether and focus on finding solution all the time. Part of the problem became my thoughts as
I was not able to I overcame my inherent shyness and hesitation and was proactive in voicing
what I thought whenever an opportunity for discussion presented itself. I was leaner, meaner
and smarter and when I ordered people around after mastering my software programming
techniques they looked up to me instead of hating me or harboring malice towards me. This was
the confirmation I needed that I can excel and bring results when I put in the heart and effort in a
certain direction. Being above average was simple I just had to do something extra other than
what I did to make a living and not just use that activity to unwind but make that as important as
work and when I felt overworked as I pushed hard in two directions in a single day I told my
exhaustion that it is not your time to come out yet forcing myself to perform better than my last
self, motivating myself with words that I got to keep sharpening myself so that I don’t rust and
don’t put my nose into other people’s business with whom I should not make comparisons in the
first place. I always carried the attitude that we can accomplish anything once we set our heart
to it and thereby kept taking more and more till I used the activity to unwind because the passion
had been finished for the day. I played squash superbly and took a real interest in mechanics
that helped me look at my work problems in a new perspective. The boy who was average I left
him behind ages ago and I owe it all to the passion I put in myself.

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