What are the qualities of a rebellious person?

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What are the qualities of a rebellious person?

We all have some amount of rebellious attitude in us. Some of us vent out our protest in an active way while some of us are silent protesters.

Whatever kind of rebel a person may be his first quality is to defy principles and not accept them without questioning.

A rebel always wants to find out the logic behind any kind of set rules and never abides by it if he thinks it goes against his values.

A rebel sets some personal values in life and seldom agrees to deviate from it. Their expressions of values are loud. For example, if he is punctual he will never tolerate late comers or adjust with events that do not stick to time and keeps him waiting. 

Confidence goes along with these set values as he can only be a rebel only if he has the confidence of asserting himself. They are loud and people do listen to them if it is clubbed with compassion and not self-promotion or gratitude. He even has the courage to admit his shortcomings and mistakes. He will never take up a work that he knows he won't be able to complete or excel.

Gandhiji the father of our nation knew that he can achieve the freedom of India and therefore started the quit India movement against the British rule. However, he knew he would not be successful in his mission through violence and hence adopted satyagraha.   

New trends can only be set by a rebellious person. Had not been the case Raja Ram Mohan Roy could not have fought against child marriage, the evil of sati and advocate widow marriage. He was the pioneer of girl's education which has borne fruits in modern India. 

They are always in search of better ways of life and are therefore never satisfied with the phrase "We do it this way". They break rules to frame new ones and are therefore respected.

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