What are the Best Jobs for a People Person?

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What are the Best Jobs for a People Person?

Being a people person or an extrovert has its own charm and grace, however, there are times when such a lively vivacious clan of people often find themselves aloof and ostracized from the ordinary workplaces. I, being a Software Engineer love to strike a chord with people at work and greet them to break an ice, every now and then. Lately, colleagues in my department have started to ignore me for my outspoken nature. What should I do? Shall I switch my job or career altogether?

What jobs suit best for an extrovert or people person? Please give me your valuable suggestions that will help me grow and channel my energy in a better way. 

Answers (4)

They can be a good HR manager :) 

Teacher or a trainer is good. You get to be in touch with people.

They will make great HR Managers.

Human resources manager, Public relations specialist, Sales representative, Teacher or school administrator. Whatever suits you.

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