Pros & Cons Of Being A Brutally Honest Person That You Must Know

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Pros & Cons Of Being A Brutally Honest Person That You Must Know

Being able to express yourself most honestly is a gift that everyone does not have. You are better placed with reality and have a high level of confidence when you are bluntly honest. However, a brutal honesty can also get you into trouble, and you might end up offending a lot of people in the way. Like every other attribute, bluntness has its advantages and disadvantages too. Here is a list of pros and cons of being a brutally honest person:-

Pros of being a brutally honest person

#1. Your opinion matters

You become an epitome of truth when you are outspoken and honest. Whether it’s something as trivial as a dress color or an important life decision, people count on you for your honest opinion.

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#2. You are not much stressed

Having the ability to speak out your opinion without any hesitation may keep you all distant from stress. You do not end up bottling up things people do or say and rather express yourself right there.

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#3. You can deal with reality

Being honest with others means that you are bluntly honest with yourself too. You do not believe in making air castles and living in a fantastical world. You can very well keep yourself grounded.

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#4. You are more confident

Voicing your opinion devoid of any fear also makes you a confident person. You do not think about the inconsequential factors, and nothing can stop you from speaking up.

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#5. You know who your friends are

People do not tend to confront reality on an everyday basis, and that is exactly what you put them through with your bluntness. Ergo, it is natural that people avoid you. However, a perk of your honesty is that you know that the few individuals who are with you have accepted you for who you are and you can rely on them.

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#6. You not easy to mess with

You also have the tendency to intimidate people when you are outspoken and blunt. It apparently works to your advantage as people will think twice before messing with you.

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Cons of being a brutally honest person

#1. Wrong first impression

Being straightforward can also get you into trouble as you often leave a wrong first impression. People might find you arrogant and rude, and you may have to deal with a whole lot of rumors about you.

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#2. Difficulty in making friends

Bluntness often costs you a social life. Outspoken people are often seen to be having less number of friends than the polite ones. You may be highly misunderstood and may be avoided by your peers when you have a habit of giving brutally honest opinions.

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#3. Relationship struggle

Sugarcoating things for your partner might be a Herculean task for an honest person. This might even offend your partner many a time. Blunt, honest people get into a fight with their partners more often than the people who refrain from uttering the truth.

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#4. You expect the same from others

When you are honest with everyone, it somehow gets you into thinking that others are doing the same with you. It might be hard to digest that despite giving your honest opinions, you might get covered and molded reviews when you need the truth.

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#5. You get annoyed easily

Outspokenness also implies that you lack the patience to offer people a dipped-in-honey opinion and people tend to get on your nerves more often. You get annoyed at the drop of a hat with this attribute.

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If you are a brutally honest person or if you know someone who is, we would love to hear from you. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

Brutally Honest

I would prefer to be brutally honest in most of the situations. I feel that it is better to be honest rather than be polite and let the person be mislead. Honesty might cost you few of the admiration, but the ones who truly care and respect  your opinions will stick around.

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