What factors make you a likeable person?

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What factors make you a likeable person?

Imagine wherever you go you are welcomed with enthusiastic hellos and smiles. When you reach your office, your co-workers are very happy to speak with you without any sort of egos. When you are walking through your office building, a rock-star feeling is surrounded around you. Everyone is friends with you and your boss likes your attitude. A pleasant environment is created by your presence.

If you belong to the category of likeable person, this could be happening every day. If you feel that this is something that could be impossible in your real life, I would like to be happy in reminding you that like any other skill even social skill is learnable. A little practice helps in bringing the above-said imagination into real life.

Here, I am sharing the factors or traits that help in making you a likeable person. By cultivating these, you are going to join the category of likeable person. As you cultivate these habits, you feel that everyone around you is treating with respect and love.

Below are the important factors that help in making you a likeable person.

1. No Room for Insecurity

Likeable people do not feel insecurity about their life. They deal every interaction as an opportunity. The progress of the likeable person proceeds from this thought. List out your insecurities and try to put them aside. As soon you do this, you are going to notice the best results. To expect any wonderful result, at least a small step towards progression from you is very important.

2. They are Honest

This is the most important factor that helps in making you a likeable person. By cultivating this trait, you can become the most likeable person in the world. Likeable people never try to pretend to be something they are not. There is nothing wrong to admit if you do not know anything. If you do not agree to the statement of anybody, admit that you are not agreeing because the way they are looking at the point is different from your point.

3. They love Interaction

Likeable people convert conversations as an opportunity to interact. They do not look at conversations as competitions. Likeable people try to view the opinions of other people in their conversation. Thus, they are respected and liked by another person. People who make one-up or story top in conversations tend to be disliked by many. Likeable people like to involve others in conversations and like to take the conversation towards creating deep relationships.

4. They are approachable

Likeable people are more approachable. They are open-minded. This quality plays an important role in making them most interesting. Due to this factor, many try to approach them. Approachability in a workplace means accessibility to innovative ideas and help. If you are not approachable, it means that you are not giving any chance for any improvement.

5. They do not judge

Judgmental attitude can be easily noticed by the people. If you judge the people, they can easily sense it. Even your fake smile cannot hide your feelings. Likeable people do not judge others. They understand that everyone is at liberty to their own choices, opinions, and mistakes. This philosophy makes them a likeable person.

6. They are Positive

They try to be a positive voice in the world. They tend to introduce positive environment in the daily life. They do not get disturbed by negative thoughts and negative news. They tend to look pleasure in identifying positivity in life. Positive thinking is the main quality of a likeable person.

7. They have a number of friends and well-wishers

Likeable persons are liked by everyone. They like to speak with everyone, influence them and provide solutions. As a result, likeable people influence others in many ways. That is why they have plenty of friends. This is not a magic at all. By sticking to your own comfort zone you cannot converse with new people. Make it a practice of conversation with a new person on each day for becoming a likeable person.

If you want to become a likeable person, try to list out how many of these qualities you already have. By identifying, you can focus on developing the additional qualities with some effort. Also, identify the list of likeable people in your life. Notice what you have observed about them. Mainly, understand how they influenced you. All these factors help in making you a likeable person.

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