How to deal with the stress of moving into a new place with my friends?

954 Views Updated: 12 Jun 2018
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I'm moving in with two of my friends to a new place at the end of the month. I think of it when I wake up, all through the day and toss and turn at night about it. I didn't want to move in with friends because I didn't want to put any kind of strain on our relationships if we were to have petty disagreements over household things or just get on each other's nerves from being around each other too much. However, we all were in situations where we had to find a place ASAP and decided to help each other out. One of them is very OCD which I find drives me insane. He puts labels on all of the drawers and cupboards (oven mitts, utensils, paper plates, can opener) he drags us to gay bars (I'm aware I can say no) and drinks nonstop bringing strangers home. The other has no respect for anyone's schedule and is always late by 2-3 hours if you invite him to something. He's kind of controlling like if I'm cooking something I bought with my own money he will step in and tell me I'm doing it wrong or those flavors aren't good let me change it for you. Don't eat it all, save some for tomorrow. Out shopping he will try to control what I buy. Please let me know if I'm over reacting with these things.. the main question is how to deal with the stress though. Thanks. 

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