How to have Fun with Friends without Spending Money?

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How to have Fun with Friends without Spending Money?

Investing time with friends is indeed a productive thing to do. However, spending money every time is not something that anyone would like. But there are great alternatives for this situation.

No matter in which location you live, there are always plenty of places to visit or plan without spending those bucks you want to save. So, the next time you see your friends tell them about these innovative ideas that are immensely exciting. They won’t even break your bank balance.

Here are some fun things to do with friends without spending money

#1. Invite Them To Your Own Exclusive Café At Home

There are those chilly nights when you just want to lie down in your bed with warm sweatpants on and a hot coffee by your side. The nights will be more fun if your friends will come for a sleepover to have coffee, join in endless gossips and play interesting games.

#2. Go Out For Picnics For A Change

It might sound cliché and childish but is actually fun. Picnic in the nearby park during a pleasant weather can make your day. Watch people around, have your favorite sandwiches and shakes, hang out and play on the swings for a change. 

#3. Plan A Dish Sharing Dinner Party 

What can be better than a dinner night? Sounds amazing, right! Moreover, by sharing dishes, you save your time to cook multiple dishes for so many people. Host a dinner party with this format and all your friends will have a gala time feasting on myriad dishes without putting in many efforts. 

#4. Host A Girl’s Night 

There is no girl on the planet who does not like pampering themselves. In order to groom yourself, call all your girlfriends for a spa day. Provide manicures to each other, style each other’s hair and make a face mask from home ingredients. It will not only make you feel pampered, but also you will be saving a lot of money that you could’ve invested in parlors.

#5.  Watch Movie On Home Theatre & Relax

Be it YouTube or Netflix, enjoying your favorite TV series or movies can never be more fun than watching it with friends. Grab your favorite cold drink with popcorn or nachos and get to the business. Watch your old all-time favorite or go for the newest releases, the day will be well spent.

#6. Video Game Or Board Game Tournaments

Drag out your old Yahtzee or Scrabble for the play day. Bring your squad home and hold some tournaments for the competitive spirit. If board games are not your domain then there is always an open option of video game competitions. Keeping chocolates or dares as rewards will make it even more exciting and bring out the real sport out of you. 

#7. Enjoy A The Beach Picnic

If you’re fortunate enough to live by the sea, then this option may become your go-to for every weekend! Plan a picnic with all ocean games like diving, fishing, volleyball or even camping. Plan to wear your best beachwear and get ready for a perfect tan.

If you’re facing a deficiency of currency in your pocket, share these activities with your friends. More than just saving money, you’ll experience and enjoy a different day along with your squad. If you have also done something like this with your friends, share your experiences with us or comment down below.

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Home theatre day

Well, if you don't have cash in hand, there are multiple fun things you can do with friends. You don’t always need to cash to do fun things, remember that. With our fast paced life these days, we have forgotten the meaning of face to face interactions at serene places, so with this idea you could always try going out for picnics with your friend and spend some quality time together playing and talking or remembering old memories. Or, you could watch a movie together at home with snacks in hand and discard the option of always going to movies outside by spending tons of cash. When you people will watch movies at home, you also avail the option of troubling each other while watching which you can’t do in a movie theater. What do you think? You could also invite friends for a lunch party and share some talks face to face to have a hearty conversation. It’s never too late,grab this option right now! You could also have a girl’s night by calling all your girlies out there to pep up for the night. Honestly, how much time do you get to interact with them on a daily basis?

The beach picnic

You don't need money when you have friends. I really like the beach picnic idea you suggested. 

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