Can you imagine a life without friends?

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Can you imagine a life without friends?

It is impossible for a person to live a life without friends. 

As we grow up, we realize that we have fewer friends than what we used to have during our school and college days. Our hectic schedule often comes in the way of our friendship. However, there are one or two friends that continue being a part of our life in all our ups and downs.

Here are some reasons why we can’t live without friends -

1. You can lean on them on your bad days

A true friend will never leave you on your bad days. You can always cry on his/her shoulders and vent your heart out.

2. They understand you

We all want to be understood and your true friends totally get you. It is comforting when you share your deepest secrets and someone relates to you.

3. You can be your real self

In the company of your true friends, you don’t have to pretend to be someone else. They will never judge you for the person you are.

4. They will be honest with you

Your true friends will never hesitate to tell you something honestly. There is no sugar coating in true friendship. You can always rely on their opinions and feedback.

5. They make life beautiful

Your true friends are the ones who uplift you on a bad day and double your happiness on a good day. Spending time with them makes life beautiful.

Though true friends are hard to find but its a fact that it is difficult to imagine life without friends.

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of course it’s hard to imagine how will my life without friends even though i know for sure that it’s hard to find the true friends. cuz sometimes there’re million people around us but only one or two who will always be in our side in our worst condition.😇


No the life without friends is just as a hell. There is no fun no adventure no unity without friends. 


No, not at all life without friends is just like tree without fruits, Dark sky without stars, Sunlight without brightness, Moon without whiteness, Rain without water, song without lyrics. 

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