Does the Number of Friends you have really Counts?

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Does the Number of Friends you have really Counts?

No one tells you how much change you will go through in your early childhood and adulthood days. You will gradually feel the pressure of being an ideal person. You have to achieve hundreds of things in order to become a successful person in your life. We all head towards conquering everything we desire. Initially, in early childhood and adulthood age, we focus on making friends and having as many friends as we can. However, as the time passes and we grow as a mature human being, and we realize that the friends on whom you can count on are the most important ones in life.  

The saying that 'change is the only constant' seems cliché but extremely apt when we talk about growing up. When it comes to making friends and reminding friends, that just happens on social media and networks nowadays, you will not even realize how many you have lost in the process of growing older. Nevertheless, letting go is the part of life as we grow up. But do we really need to spend all our time in tending the friendship of so many people like hungry houseplants? We don’t, right! We should invest our time and efforts in generating and preserving the friendship which matters to us, indeed. Somehow your life will get right and fill your surrounding with the people you deserve at the end. So it is better to have a circle in which you fit perfectly, instead of trying to fit into. So let us see how having a few and close friendship is the way to a meaningful friendship:

#1. You Always Have The People To Count On

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More than anything, you need the emotional support from your best and closest friends. If you are in a problem or emotional turmoil, you need someone to lean on. If you stick to the people you know from a long time, they will also be there for you at the needed time. Sometimes you are emotionally so disturbed that you need a shoulder to cry on and you know who that shoulder is when you have few and close friends. Rightly said “A friend is a second self,” is an apt statement to describe the friendship between close friends. The people who know you from a long time will know when you are sad or happy for that matter. Being around them is the easiest thing to do. Moreover, you can never share this comfort and compatibility with everyone. So it is better to have few friends but important and close ones.

#2. You Know Your Priority Among them

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While we grow up, we know that friendship is not about liking each other anymore. It is more about being comfortable in that space and having fun around them without getting judged. You need to be familiar with everyone’s trait. You know your role in the group. The World spins merrily in its place when you do not have to make efforts to fit in somewhere. You realize your responsibility towards your friends and they know your priority is more than enough. Adding another element into your pure universe of friendship just brings contamination. Of course, you should always hang out with people you want to be, but lifelong friendships are not created over and over again. Now you realize why there were not two Joey in friends. The place belongs to you will be yours once you know the friends you want in your life. No uncomfortable vibes, judgmental looks or preconception matter after that. The role that you have, only you can perform it to the required level.

#3. No Investment In Too Many People

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If you are or planning to take up a new friendship, then you might want to reconsider it. By getting into a new friendship, you are just not adding that one person but more significantly someone who is associated with that specific person. It is like adding a new tribe to your life. Once you are mature and know your priorities in life then you must realise that you don’t have the time and feelings to invest in many other people. You don’t have to know about their lives and their doomed relationships when you already have enough to handle in your own life. This will save you from the turmoil of unpredictability. It is better to be content with what you already have. The cherished friendship you already have from years will never demand sudden greetings like this. More importantly, when you start a new friendship you don’t have that strong base to the relationship and have to start all over from scratch and who wants to take that risk again?

#4. You Ultimately Save A Lot Of Money, Voila!

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Take the advice from all those great money saving experts and see how they save money by keeping just a few close friends. Jokes apart, but by keeping few friends you will not have to invest a lot of your money into people who are not even too close to you. If you think without even considering money to friendship, you will realize that it feels amazing to invest your money as well feeling on the people you actually care about. So why to waste money on random people whom you don’t even see in your throughout? And if we do consider money, there are a lot of things to maintain a friendship. Who can forget birthdays, weekend gateways and road trips, parties and what not? So this way, you are in a very economical state when I come to your close friends.

  #5. Don’t Have To Listen To Other’s Feelings

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The problem in investing in so many friends is that you will have to listen to their every dream, feelings and gossip. But who wants to take so much of a headache? With making new friends after every few days, you will have to listen to them talking endlessly about their feelings and thoughts. And what if something like this comes “oh brother, I had this amazing dream the other night”? That means your good 30 to 40 minutes are going to the dream they want to talk about. The other issue is when you make new friends who think you are an emotional punching bag. They just want to confide in you. To have a detailed tour of their inner feelings, insecurities, anxieties, and ambition is not something you want to endure. Sometimes you will have to console them and take care of them. That is too much to handle for a new friendship. Having so many friends will be soaking you up emotionally and mentally.

#6. Who Does Not Want A Simpler And Sorted Life

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The world is full of interesting people. But just interacting with anyone and everyone will not be beneficial for you in the long run. It is daunting if you do not come across any sane person in your daily life. So why not cherish the friends you already have and are important to you. Thus, just do the right thing and select your right group and get on with it. Changing friends or having a lot of friends will complicate your life and it will be even harder than it already is. In order to make your life easier and sorted, you need to stabilize yourself into the group of close friends you own, rather than running around to make new friends. There will be people you will meet and have great chemistry with but you can never replace the friends you have had in your life.

#7. Distance Does Not Matter

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When you have a strong bond of friendship with someone, you do not have to keep that in place by making efforts. The friendship is special, and you will not have to do something special for each other to keep the friendship smooth. Distance and communication do not create a hole in your friend anymore because you and your close friends have an established friendship already. They will never judge you or take you for granted as they know you are always on their side. The importance does not change with time or distance for close friends. You won’t have to pretend anything in front of your close friends. After a point of time, your best friends become a part of your family. They become constant in your life like your family.

The concept and amount of friendship are measured in terms of having the most followers and social media friends these days. But the special friends are never confined to social media only. You don’t have to put images with them on your social media networks in order to prove that they are important to you. They happen to be in your for the longest time. Not many people will stay for that long in your life. Therefore, investing on so many is not worth. Instead, you should invest in people you can count on anytime, anywhere.

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