Should you share your secrets with your friends?

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Should you share your secrets with your friends?

Annie said, "Priyanka, I have a secret to share with you. But promise me that it will be a secret and you will never leak it out."

Priyanka replied, "Of course I won't tell anyone. It's a best friend's promise. Now quick, tell me your secret."

Annie first hesitated to tell her deep secret to Priyanka. After Priyanka pleaded again and again she finally said, "I like someone in our class. He is my very close friend like you. He is so adorable. He is the best guy I've ever met on earth. I love him."

Priyanka asked astonishingly, "Who's the lucky one?"

Annie blushed and replied, "James."

Annie kept on narrating her love story to Priyanka and she kept on listening to each and every word with extreme enthusiasm. After annie was done, Priyanka hugged her and suggested her to propose James. But she refused. She was too shy to speak to him directly. She was scared of loosing him as a friend forever. After a week the two best friends had a trivial quarrel over a petty issue. Though the matter was not as great to quarrel about, yet the quarrel separated the two best friends forever. Since that day they both refused to speak to each other. 

Priyanka yelled, "How dare you? I'll now make sure that I seek my revenge of this insult from you. You'll be ashamed of yourself and your living very soon and I'll also make sure that one day you'll realize that you have lost a very precious friend. You have no standard. No body wants you. No body needs you."

The next day Annie noticed people trying to avoid her. Whomsoever she met ignored her. They rather boycotted her. She failed to understand that why she was being neglected. Even James started ignoring her. She wept the entire day. She pleaded James to tell her the reason of his sudden change in attitude towards her.

James said, "Annie it was not expected from you. I felt that you were a simple and innocent girl. But you are more cunning than I had ever expected you to be. Your simplicity is your fake side."

Annie cried and asked, "But what is my fault?"

James yelled, "You know I have a girlfriend. Yet you did so. Shame on you. Priyanka told me everything."

Annie asked astonishingly, "She told you what?"

James replied, "You like me right?"

Annie hesitated and there was an intense silent. After a while she took a deep breath and replied, "Yes."

James said, "In order to win my heart you plotted out a plan to separate me from my love and then you'll come close to me."

Annie asked surprisingly, "What the hell are you saying, I'm not this kind of person?"

James said, "Your plan was to first warn me that my girlfriend is over-possessive. On the other hand, you would tell my girlfriend that I love you and I'm cheating on her. Then we'll break up and then....."

Annie yelled, "No. How can you even think of that?"

James said, "I wouldn't have believed unless Priyanka would have made me hear the recording she recorded when she was with you and when you were narrating her the plot."

Annie heard the entire recording in which she was confessing her love for James. She pleaded James to believe her, but all in vain. No body believed her. She never imagined that sharing secret with a friend can make her life hell. Therefore never share your deepest secrets with any of your friend. No one knows that when your friend might use that secret to seek revenge.


Yes it helps many times. But with the right one.

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