The good and bad of hooking up with friends

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The good and bad of hooking up with friends

Once you realize that you like your friend, there always exists a doubt if you really should hook up with your friend. And, once you understand that you're too much attracted to your friend, you end up getting hooked with him. But, once you've hooked up, how do you think you should take things forward? And moreover, do you think it's good to be hooked up with friends or is it bad? What all things should you consider in such cases?

Hooking up may be a process of progressing naturally to a long term relationship. However, this may lead to serious misunderstandings and eventually the friendship may be lost completely. But, are you ready to take up the risk?

The good part of hooking up with a friend is that your friendship may turn to a long lasting relationship. Your frankness, your understanding and the bonding will help you to grow together. Also, it is definitely going to be a lot of fun.

However, there are certain bad parts as well if you decide to get hooked up with your friend. It may happen that you end up hurting each other and your strong bond of friendship simply gets vanished. Also, the situation may become completely awkward as well.

But, you need to understand whether your friendship has the potential to grow as a relationship. If yes, you can definitely outnumber the negative consequences and have a beautiful life together.

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