The true friendship.

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The true friendship.

Do you wait for that time of the week when you can say TGIF (Thank God It's Friday!) and chill out with your friends?  Well, after a busy week at work who would not long for a get-together or hang out with friends during weekends? 

Friendship is that thread which binds people together with the ingredients of love, care, trust, loyalty and mutual understanding.  However, there may be many false friends around while being difficult to separate them from the genuine ones.

Identifying the true friend:

Remember, a true friend would never desert you, he would stick with you through thick and thin. He is a companion in the true sense of the term even when you are in dire straits. On the other hand, false friends are just temporary companions who knock your door during good times but desert you during rough ones. 

''Man is known by the company he keeps.'' The choice of a truly good friend is an important part that determines your identity. One may be prone to falling an easy prey to the bad company that may lead to his downfall. So judge people correctly before you jump into the well of friendship.

The Importance of True Friends:

Finally, after all the effort you may have won many true friends. However, to maintain this friendship, there are certain things to be kept in mind. Nurturing this emotional bond requires patience and tolerance. Even though at times you may feel some differences, do not let such differences hamper your friendship. If such differences are minor, you can just solve them by talking it out with your friend while empathizing with him. The ultimate purpose should be to maintain the friendship, and if you value it, you will certainly find yourself giving it a thought even though you might find it difficult to cope with.

The man is said to be a social animal. True friends complete the meaning of this fact. They fulfill his social needs and give him a sense of belonging or affiliation to a group of people with whom he shares similar thoughts and ideas.  True friends are always there to give you that much-needed company and to stand by you when you have any requirements. One of the most common reasons we approach our friends are during the financial crisis. A true friend would help you out with it but do not misunderstand him if he is unable to. He may not be in a position to help you due to some genuine reason if he is a true friend. So if you consider him to be your true friend, learn to trust him too.  Sometimes, he may also make sacrifices on his part just to help you out. For example, he may take a leave during your illness. But again, if he is unable to do so, do not misunderstand him as again this may be a genuine reason for this too. So building a positive shield around you and your friend is important to keep up the friendship and keep it going.

Your true friend by your side:

A true friend is always happy with your happiness. He is overwhelmed by your success and encourages you to move on in life. Hidden jealousy or hatred are never existent in the mind of a true friend. He will celebrate with you and be that shoulder that you can lean on.

Finding the true friend in your life partner.

Your life partner should be your true friend.  He should know you and your needs. He should have all the traits that a true friend should possess and be there for you. Similarly, you should also be a true friend to your life partner and let him share his thoughts and feelings with you. This mutual friendship is a great factor that makes relationships work wonders between spouses and leads to successful marriages.

Friendship is a relationship that can mold a person or shape his character.  As far as possible try to be a friend to many and enemy to none. It gives a true meaning to life and to live it with love and harmony.

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