In a Relationship, what would make you Feel Happier - Sharing or Sacrificing?

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In a Relationship, what would make you Feel Happier - Sharing or Sacrificing?

Relationships are all about making choices together, feeling the pain together, enduring sacrifices, respecting each other's privacy and living life to its fullest. Togetherness is the essence, but at what cost? What really makes you feel happy in a relationship - sharing or sacrificing? What are your secrets of a happy couple? And what really forms happiness in relationships?


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There are certain things in relationships that one needs to sacrifice in order to stay happy and sustain the bond. What makes you happy in a relationship? Me-time becomes our time. Privacy gets invaded. And partnership becomes reality along with independent goals getting sidelined. The two of you act like a team. Therefore, decision making comes as a paired activity. A close relationship requires some level of efforts in order to prove yourself and surrender to the one you love. Amongst sharing or sacrificing, you choose to sacrifice! 

However, if you are the couple who believes in sharing and caring, then you precisely know what makes you happy in the relationship. Love for you is trusting each other, developing and sharing a connection like no other, encouraging each other's betterment and understanding survival to get real each time. Happiness in relationships come from sharing inclination towards each other. 

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