How can you fight discouraging thoughts about yourself?

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How can you fight discouraging thoughts about yourself?

Life sometimes becomes very harsh to us. We keep failing time and again. How much we may keep trying life pushes us back to a wretched condition that we do not like. It is at this moment in life that we start being judgemental about ourselves and discouraging thought about ourselves start creeping into our minds that are very difficult to wipe out and drives us into depression. It's essential at this moment to take some counseling sessions from a psychiatrist or if some of us are smart enough to realize that we are pulling ourselves down through these discouraging thoughts; the first step that we take is start some mental exercises like meditation, mental games like chess and word games and a lot of walking that would relieve us from our depression. Meditation calms our brain; playing games diverts our mind from those discouraging thought that we harbor about ourselves.Long hours of walking early in the morning allow that fresh air to act as a freshener for both our mind and body. We start thinking more positively and try to channelize our lives in the direction that we are good at. We soon realize the mistakes that we have made and rectify them to go ahead in life or we invent some new resources in our lives that would prevent us from those discouraging thought that keeps bothering us and making our lives miserable.

Leading a community life and doing something for someone who is more miserable than you, boosts your confidence too and you are prepared to take challenges in life. Do whatever little you can do for the community in which you live. Keep yourself engaged with a good deed and see how you wipe off those discouraging thoughts from your mind.

Our life is our own and we have to take its risk without waiting for anyone to improve it. So go ahead don't belittle yourself but be optimistic!

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